Hello Beautiful,

have you ever thought about the fact that if we want to shine brightly and make a bigger difference in the world we must seek to do all we can to continuously raise our energetic vibration?

What many people don’t know is that the success in a purpose-driven business to 75% depends on how we show up – who we are being as we do our work – a mere 15 % depends on our expertise.

So whilst all those qualifications are great – they will not be what makes the biggest difference in the end.

YOU are.

You and your vibration.

No kidding.

So if we truly want to be part of a movement to create change for others whilst stepping into health, wealth and abundance ourselves, we cannot ignore our own inner vibration.

So, what can we do to pay attention to it?

There are many ways, and I am sure you both know and work with several already, so see this as a little reminder, to get us practising more intentionally together.

Here are my 10 basic steps to create a foundation for us raising our vibration:

1. Truly embrace the notion that the healing of the world starts with healing ourselves – what do I need to let go of in terms of heavy emotion, limiting mindsets and unhelpful beliefs that no longer serve me? What internal/external drama will I say no more! to?

2. Love starts with me – Peace starts with me – create or deepen a practice for self-love and self-compassion in the knowledge that your needs are as important as other people’s needs. When we truly listen to, rather than discount, our needs, our giving to others will also come from a place of unconditional love – no more rescuing or pleasing.

3. Set clear boundaries with people who like to dump negativity, judgement, gossip and toxic energy on you – No is a complete sentence!

4. Practise Gratitude daily

5. Lean into Receiving, say yes to being supported, held and nurtured by others, thus making sure there is a balance between giving and receiving. When we receive, we open our hearts to Abundance in all areas of our lives.

6. Find a Spiritual practice that you resonate with – yoga, meditation, prayer, chanting, ritual.

7. Spend time in Nature

8. Stay mindful of technology-addiction & negative news headlines

9. Nurture the temple of your Soul – your body – with clean, healthy foods, liquids, movement and exercise

10. Feed your mind with positive affirmations, teachings, music, art and books, tuning into your dreams and desires and develop a habit of taking action in the direction of those

Let me know how you get on! I am of course practising with you.

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This space has been lovingly created for you as a Soulful Coach, Therapist, Healer or Lightworker who feels called at this time to move forward and make a bigger difference in this world, doing what you love.
As always, I can’t wait to connect with you!
With My Love,