My dear friend,

2017 is drawing to a close and 2018 is literally around the corner. It’s been my absolute honour and joy to journey with you this year. I’ve learnt so much from you and with you and for that I am so grateful.

This is a time for reflection, for closure and for new beginnings – a time of significant energetic shifts.

Whatever you have survived, celebrated, struggled with or breezed through in 2017, let’s acknowledge it, take what you need from those experiences and then let them go. 

If you want to enter 2018 with the freshness and curiosity that will allow you to be present with whatever it may bring you, spending a little time reflecting on and releasing the old year behind you can be both cathartic and rewarding.

In the next couple of days, allow yourself a moment of stillness in an undisturbed space with your journal or a piece of paper and a pen.

Maybe light a candle, put on some scents, make yourself your favourite hot drink and make sure the temperature is just right for you.

Then take a moment to get settled, closing your eyes gently, taking a few deep breaths to arrive.

Now it’s time to contemplate: 

What has the past year brought for you? What are the highlights, low points and the ordinary moments in between that you remember most vividly?
What new learnings or wisdom have you gained?
 Which of your dreams, goals or action plans worked or came to fruition? What made them happen? How? Which didn’t work out? Why? (If you didn’t have an action plan or specific goals, think about why you didn’t have them)
Which have been the most important relationships for you in 2017? Why?
What are you most proud of?
In what ways are you richer because of the challenges you have faced?
What are the 3 kindest things you could tell yourself about how you have dealt with 2017?
What are you most grateful for in the year that has just past?
When you have taken time to reflect, you may choose to make a little ritual to close the old year.

You could choose to light a candle, release a paper lantern or balloon to the skies, place a stone or feather on the wall in your garden – whatever feels right for you. Or you might prefer to release your year quietly in your own mind.

If it helps, you can imagine a door that you close behind you as you leave 2017, and a new door appearing before you, with 2018 written clearly on it. Notice what the doors look like. 
Notice what happens as you go through your ritual.

Are you ready to embrace the adventure of your New Year now? 

I’ll be right here walking beside you.

With my love