The Wish Tree Academy

The Wish Tree Academy offers you as a coach, healer, wellbeing facilitator, a loving space to create, launch and grow your abundant heart-led business in alignment with the true you.

Here you will find a range of programmes teaching you cutting-edge business know-how, as well as supporting your inner healing.

If you are ready to release abundance blocks, say yes to miracles, nail your core message, embrace ground-breaking heart-led content marketing, step into your Authentic Leadership or learn how to create your very own Signature Transformational Workshop, the Wish Tree Academy gives you the tools, confidence and clarity to create your heart-led business, inside-out.

The Intimacy for Success™ model for authentic communication at all levels in a soul-powered business, was developed in 2018 and is a key part of all of Wish Tree’s programmes and operations. It transforms relationships and creates community and clients for life.

The Wish Tree Academy is re-defining what it means to do business from the heart.

And when you join, you are part of being the change.
The right mix of mindset, skills, behaviours and systems makes success in heart-led business inevitable. However, all of these depend on one thing and one thing only, namely: our relationship with Love.
As healers of all kinds, we are in the Business of Love.
And if we are serious about being in the Business of Love, we accept the invitation that Love begins with us. With our own healing. With loving ourselves more. Saying yes to taking the journey from scarcity to abundance. From “not enough” to “I am enough” and “I have enough” – seeing and embodying our Divine worth.
We cannot give or guide others to what we haven’t yet embraced ourselves.

Our Business of Love is therefore not only a beautiful vessel for transformation for our clients, but first, for us.

It’s time to create your heart-led business and shine bright!

Group Programme

Get Trued Up

Create a sustainable foundation for your heart-led business by getting clear on your Life Purpose, Ideal Client, Impact, Stories and Core Message


I Receive

As Lightworkers, we are so good at giving. Often, we are less good at receiving. It’s time to embrace abundance in all areas of your life! I Receive helps you to feel more abundant whatever your circumstances, develop a healthier relationship with money, and come into a better balance between giving & receiving


I See You, I Share Me

Based on Wish Tree's Intimacy for success™ model, this course will give you the tools to develop heart-led content marketing that allows your ideal clients to feel seen


Live your Light

Through in-depth training, healing, and beautiful connection with like-hearted souls, this immersive year-long programme lovingly nurtures your growth as a heart-led business owner and leader


The Workshop Blueprint

Every heart-led business needs a Signature Transformational Workshop. It’s the ideal offer to launch or grow your heart-led business with. Learn how to structure, design, and deliver a Signature Transformational Workshop in alignment with your core message and ideal client’s needs

Owning my story and choosing love over fear, I am free to create, heal, manifest and share from the abundant source of love that I am


Emily, this has been an amazing journey for me…I am sooooo glad I found you. I have a big smile on my face and a heart full of love and gratitude for you. You have created such an amazing platform for women and I am so very humbled and inspired by everyone I’ve met here! Beautiful, amazing women finding their light! Wow! Thank you – Thank You – Thank you!


You are with like-minded people who get you! There is no such thing as a silly question. You feel valued, whole and loved. You are also healing each other so that everyone can shine brighter and thus be the Lightworkers we were meant to be.


Heart-led businesses are not like other businesses. They rely on our relationship with Love.

When we choose Love, we allow ourselves to embody our purpose and be our true selves. We give ourselves permission to create a life and business that makes us feel good. We choose to work with fully committed clients who light us up.

When we choose Love, we know that we are not meant to be perfect, but show up in our authentic expression. We understand that intimacy and relationship building is what creates trust and long-term clients.

When we choose Love, we allow ourselves to be supported by mentors and peers. We say yes to the power of technology to make it easy for people to find us, to serve more clients, and for us to have more free time.

When we choose Love, we set healthy boundaries around how we work, and we no longer charge time for money. We move from deserving to serving, and we allow ourselves to be seen. We have nothing to prove, no-one to please.

Choosing Love, means choosing Peace, means choosing Freedom, means choosing Joy.

Warmest of Welcomes

“All the things I love is what my business is all about”