Today, I am going to go straight to the point and that is this:
You are not meant to figure it out all by yourself.
You are meant to be supported. Yes. Supported. Connected.
Part of, not separate.

Us human beings are literally wired for connection. It is in our DNA.
It is how we survive, make community and thrive.
When we are not supported, we struggle, and life feels overwhelming.

On the contrary, when we feel supported we are able to relax.
When we relax, we allow ourselves to open up, to soften, and a clearing is created from which we can be creative and take focused action.
When we are supported, life flows with more ease.

Now the thing about being supported is that it is both simple and complex all at the same time. Simple because there are heaps of support out there, waiting for us, if only we’d take it (yes, it’s true!). Complex, because we have to allow ourselves to be supported.

Allowing ourselves to be supported is the same as allowing ourselves to be held. And that is to be vulnerable. And that is scary, right?

For that very reason, Giving is far easer than Receiving.
Every day I talk to Coaches & Wellbeing Facilitators who have made it their lives to give to people, to support others, but yet they are not allowing themselves to be supported. And because of that, their businesses are not as flourishing as they could be and should be.

Practising the Art of Receiving is practising Vulnerability. And Vulnerability is key to Authentic Leadership. Being Real is what our clients need us to be.
When we are real we give them permission to be real.

So the simple Wisdom is this: we need to be supported so that we can be truly Authentic so that we can evoke the Greatest transformation in our clients.

When we allow ourselves to be supported, when we practise the Art of Receiving, we open up to ease and creativity and authenticity. And opening up to ease, creativity & authenticity is what we need in order to manifest our heart’s longings. Be they in our personal life or in our business.

Amanda Owen, an expert on the Art of Receiving says this:
“Make a commitment to receive something every day, whether you accept a compliment, welcome an offer of help, or notice something beautiful in your environment. You will not only feel healthier in mind, body and spirit, you will also have a better chance of achieving your personal and professional goals.”

The truth is, we need to give and we also need to need. We need each other. Connection is the beautiful flow of energy that exists between giving and receiving. And it all starts with allowing.

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I can’t wait to connect with you!

With Love