Hello my friend,

I’ve missed you. It’s been a little while since I sat down to write to you. Even Facebook was telling me off yesterday, prompting me to send you something! It’s been just over two weeks since we were last in touch. Maybe you were beginning to wonder if I had gone off the radar or forgotten about you?

No. Not the slightest, not ever.

I’ve been effervescing. Yes! Effervescing.

A bit like those effervescent Vitamin C tablets we take in winter when we have a cold.

It was actually my friend Nikki who noticed it first.
She’s an Energy Healer and I went to see her last week.

I told her about all the digging deep I have been doing lately, about new insights about old fears I have been holding on to and how the moment I said yes to surrendering and letting go, magical things have started to happen in my life, such as saying yes to Lisa Nichols becoming my new mentor, and all kinds of other wonderful things.

It has felt as though the past couple of months’ events have truly enabled me to write a brave and brand new ending to my story, as Brene’ Brown would put it.

Because the truth is that the more we are willing to get curious about our deepest fears, the more we show our commitment to our light. And when we do, the more able at serving higher we become.

That’s what a truly Authentic Leader is to me; someone who dares to serve, to shine, in a big way, from a place of truth.

“It’s like all the parts of your story have been thrown up into the air and are fizzing away – effervescing”, said Nikki, “just like one of those tablets”.

“It will probably take a little while until it’s all settled and everything has re-arranged itself into something coherent again. You will keep effervescing a little while longer.”

“Ok”, I said, “I will effervesce a little while longer.”

I’ll just let it all happen just as it wants to, I thought.

But last Friday, I was delivering an important workshop in London for the Wish Tree Academy’s Mastermind.

It was in Conway Hall, the place for people who dare to dream of a better world, with a long history of notable speakers voicing their truth, and the topic I was delivering my workshop on was of course none other than Authentic Leadership in Action.

The title of the workshop was staring me in the face:
Authentic. Leadership. In Action.

I remembered how I teach all my students on the Workshop Blueprint Programme, that you mustn’t share story that you don’t feel that you have processed sufficiently. 

And on the other hand, I said to myself, being an Authentic Leader means showing up real and sharing yourself as wwork-in-progress

I decided I had no choice but to share my imperfect, effervescing story.

I also realised, when the night before the workshop I sat down with my notes, that although all the different components of this story were bubbling and fizzing away trying to make themselves coherent, I truly owned each of those elements. There was no part of the story that I didn’t own. And that is also when I knew that it was perfectly safe to share it.

And so I did.

And as I did, it felt a bit like that moment when you drop an effervescent tablet in a glass of water, and after a while, the sound of it suddenly gets louder and louder, before it goes quieter again, and all the dissolved particles starts merging with the water and becomes one solution.

Like that.

Sharing my work-in -progress story, had helped me effervesce.

And I was so grateful. I am so grateful that my tribe were willing and open to listen and hold space for me.

And then at lunch, one of my Mastermind participants hands me a postcard.

It says: “What’s the Story: Dare to be Authentic, it’s from next door’s event”.

It turns out that the event happening across the corridor from us was entitled “BE THE STORY”.

Yes! BE. THE. STORY. Be the story. Dare to be Authentic. 

We shook our heads in amazement.

Thank you Universe. 

As Authentic Transformational Leaders, we will never place ourselves on a mountain top pretending to be “the finished article”, because none of us ever are.

We are always evolving, learning, growing. We are part of, not separate from, the community of people we serve.

And that means we can show up as our imperfect selves, share our imperfect selves, and it also means that from time to time we take time out to effervescent. Because we are committed to serving higher. Committed to our light, which means great curiosity about our darkness.

And now of course you want to hear the story too?
(I could hear you saying to yourself: when is she going to tell ME the story?).

Don’t worry, you will hear my work-in-progress story too, just not today. :-) That would make for too long a read!

Because today is all about sharing with you my message that it is important to allow ourselves, from time to time to:

* Notice what is holding us back and acknowledge our fear
* Recognise it for what it is: resistance to our light
* Get curious about what our fear is all about (maybe it’s our old friends the “not enough” or “who do you think you are” Gremlins)
*Admit that we might be holding on to this fear because it’s convenient, comfortable, all we know – that in fact, we are addicted to it
*Saying YES to the possibility that we could set ourselves FREE from it
*Saying YES to powerful interventions such as transformational workshops or programmes that will get us digging deep
*Take time out to effervescent as we release and let go

Are you ready to get curious about what might be holding you back?

Give yourself a little time and space to sit in silence, asking yourself:

What is my greatest fear?
How long have I known this fear?
How willing am I to get curious about it?

make some notes in your journal.
Wherever you find that you are at with it, is exactly where you need to be.

Tell yourself how brave you are for leaning into your sharp edges for the sake of freedom and a life of possibility.

Wishing you a great weekend,

With Love,