Hello my beautiful friend,

How are you this week?

Last week I wrote to you about the importance of cultivating habits that help us raise our energetic vibration, so that we can shine more brightly and show up with laser focus and positivity in our business.

If you missed it, check out the blog post “10 ways to raise your vibration and shine more brightly”

One of the most important habits we must cultivate when we want to shine more brightly, is practising opening our hearts and allowing ourselves to receive support.

If there is no balance between giving and receiving, we get depleted and we are sending a clear message to ourselves that our needs are not as important as other people’s needs.

Our needs are neither more or less important than other people’s needs, but the same! I find that in the Wish Tree tribe of Coaches, Lightworkers, Healers and Wellbeing facilitators there are many of us who sometimes struggle with this. Struggle with this because we learned somewhere along the line to discount our own needs in order to fit in or even survive, or we picked up that looking after our needs is the same as being selfish.

Does this resonate with you?

The more we understand that our needs are as important as other people’s needs, the better boundaries we set and the less with dim our light.

And the less we dim our light the more we shine brightly, right?!

We are also more likely to say YES to support if we have a habit of honouring our needs. Not small support. Big support.

The very moment I decided that now was the time to shine my light more brightly I started saying YES to BIG SUPPORT.

Big Support from people with mindsets, skills and behaviours that allows them to shine brightly and make a HUGE impact globally. The kinds of mindsets, skills and behaviours that I want to cultivate myself so that I can support you even better.

I also believe that we cannot show up with integrity in our work wanting other people to invest big in support from us, if we are not investing big in ourselves.

My commitment to shining more brightly and serving you higher has meant that I am and have invested in excess of £30K ($40K) to learn from highly skilled coaches and mentors over a period of 2 years. I have invested that amount of money so that I can serve you more, deeper, higher and also attract more abundance into my life.


Investing in support means attracting more abundance and making a greater impact in the world.

Now if you are reading this thinking that: “Well, that’s easy for you to say – you probably had money all your life” – then, think again!

Not that long ago, $40 000 was an incredibly large amount of money in my eyes. And that is because when I was growing up money was extremely tight at times.

Everything I have built I have done from scratch. Zero.
No angel investors or rich uncles!

If I can do it, so can you.

It’s all in the mind. It truly is.

If we come from scarcity we can easily absorb scarcity.

The moment we start realising that anything and everything is possible if only we believe it, is the moment we start saying yes to our bigger light, bigger abundance and to bigger support.

Making sure we align ourselves with High Vibe people and say yes to BIG support from them means we will step into a high vibration too. Drama, scarcity and anxiety will seem like a distant memory and we allow for flow and creativity to rise and help us manifest our heart’s most well-kept dreams.

With My Love,