Are you telling your Story of Transformation?

Stories are an essential part of what makes us human, and are therefore an essential part of transformational learning experiences. We must choose the stories we tell with care and purpose when facilitating transformational workshops. Our stories need to be moment-based and centered around a pivotal moment in our life, when something shifted in our awareness. Have you found your moment-based story of transformation yet? Has your workshop got a coherent carefully curated narrative? Both are vital to your Authentic Leadership as a Coach or Wellbeing Facilitator.

Why every Coaching Business needs a Signature Workshop

People believe workshops to be many different things and that means their quality can vary dramatically. In this article I share why I believe that not every Coaching Business needs a workshop, but why every Coaching Business needs a Signature Transformational Workshop to shine and to grow strategically and sustainably. The difference? Read more to find out!

What makes a Brilliant Relationship?

Brilliant relationships are rare. But if we are willing to take a risk by showing up authentically and being our true vulnerable selves, we have everything to gain. Healthy, stable relationships are at the core of our well-being. So much so that The Mental Health Foundation has made Relationships the focus for this year’s campaign. But what makes a truly brilliant relationship? And what will you do to nurture healthy relationships in your life? 

#resilience: Connection

Resilient people know, on a deep level, that we are not meant to do “it” – life – all by ourselves. Science now tells us that connection is the number one thing that will determine our overall well-being, health and longevity. But what does connection actually mean? And how can we have more of it in our lives? 



The Power of Workshops

Thinking of offering your clients the opportunity to develop in a workshop setting? Carefully planned and facilitated workshops have the power to accelerate your clients’ growth by providing immersive, creative and connected learning environments that will take them and your coaching practise, to new heights. 


#resilience: Practising self-care

The most compassionate and empathetic people are the people who are well versed in their own darkness. Taking good care of ourselves makes it easier to be with our challenging emotions, and subsequently another’s. In this article you will find out what practising self-compassion is all about and how it can lead you to a greater sense of well-being.

#resilience: Letting go of numbing as a lifestyle

We live in an era of taking the edge off. Never before have human beings been so medicated and addicted and numb. But the truth is that the more we numb the more we loose our ability to feel joy, peace and happiness. And so we numb some more. It seems, we are constantly on the run from our pain. Yet we know that what we resist, persists. As part of Wish Tree’s series of blogs on resilience, this article is about how we can choose to let go of numbing and actually find that light at the end of the tunnel exactly by moving through it.

#resilience: Staying mindful of our Perspecives

A perspective can best be described as the lens through which we are viewing a situation, any situation in life. Very often we believe that whatever perspective we are currently in is “the truth” about something. In reality it is only one way of looking at the topic at hand, whatever it might be.

Perspectives can either limit us or empower us. It is our perspectives that will determine how something will affect us. Discover how resilient people move through challenging life situations by staying mindful of their perspectives.

Something to help you beat the January blues

After the initial excitement of entering a brand New Year, it is not uncommon for us to find January a challenging month. The January-blues is a real experience for many. Spending time at the start of our year looking at how we can nurture ourselves to become resilient, empowered and focused, is key to being able to make positive changes for our year ahead.

Why New Years resolutions don’t work and How to have a Great New Year

Ever wondered why New Years resolutions don’t work? Who are you being as you are trying to make changes in your life? How can we create a meaningful and fulfilling year even through life’s ups and down’s? How to have a great New Year isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain.

2015 – How was it for you?

Whatever your year has brought you, spending time reflecting on and releasing 2015, will set you up for a fresh start to your new year.