Hello beautiful,

Today I wanted to write to you about something that most people overlook when they are wanting to launch or grow their purpose-driven business.

And that is Lead Magnets.

Yes. Lead Magnets.

Lead Magnets are forums where your Ideal Client can easily connect with you and understand who you are, what you know, what you have to offer and what you are about.

People will rarely invest in a higher-end coaching or wellbeing programme or package if they don’t have a real sense of who their guide is, what their story is and how they can help them in their particular circumstances.

If you want to be able to offer your clients packages and programmes, rather than the unsustainable model of simply working time for money, allowing clients to book random hours with you, you need a lead magnet.

Lead Magnets can be offered either online or offline.

As someone who has worked with both online and offline Lead Magnets, my experience is that in the online world, we need a tremendous amount of people (think many hundreds or even thousands) to engage with our Lead Magnet (it could be a free webinar, e-book, video-training or similar) in order for our calendars to get filled up with discovery calls with potential clients.

There is also a fair amount of essential technical know-how needed in order to construct an online Lead Magnet, so we absolutely need to invest money in a reputable online mentor as well as a social media marketing funnel if we want to engage our clients with online Lead Magnets.

I love working online so that is not a problem for me, but here is the thing: LIVE, in a room, Lead Magnets have a much higher conversion rate.


Just listen to this example:

My wonderful client Noreen O’Neill Roche, of the Epona Retreat Centre in Ireland, delivered her very first Signature Transformational Workshop “Courage to be me” with 5 participants, and she converted 4 out of those 5 people into coaching clients.

Yes. 4 out of 5!

How amazing is that and how did she do it?

Well, Noreen had spent time doing that inner work that I keep talking about in my messages to you. That inner work that is about:

  • Knowing what our Life Purpose is
  • Knowing who our Ideal Client is
  • Knowing the exact impact her work is going to have on people is
  • Downloading, processing, healing and owning her own stories of transformation so she can share her stories powerfully with her ideal clients

Noreen had of course also taken time to learn about how to design a Signature Transformational Workshop Lead Magnet too and how to create the kind of conditions necessary in order to evoke transformation in people.

As such, her workshop “Courage to be me” is a workshop that helps to create an incredible connection between herself and her ideal clients.

Clients walk away knowing that their lives have been changed and that their lives will continue to transform as they continue their journey with Noreen as their guide and coach.

Noreen is able to take them to even greater heights and depths in her programmes because her clients have already had a transformative experience in her Signature workshop.

Her workshop participants become committed coaching clients by journeying through her live workshop.
Her live Lead Magnet.

Magnetising her Ideal clients to her and her work.


So, having a Signature Workshop is a fantastic way to make sure your purpose-driven business grows sustainably. And when I say grow, I mean things such as:

  • Having a steady stream of committed clients
  • Earning decent money from both Signature workshops (Noreen’s ticket sales tallied 1000 Euros after her first run of the workshop) and coaching programmes (a minimum starting price of between £/$/ Euro 650-850 for an 8-12 week programme)
  • Growing into a thought-leader in your field
  • Being able to afford support with admin, technical stuff and accounts
  • Being able to afford continuous support with your business, learning and growth
  • Enjoying a lovely life and business doing what you love


What could a Signature workshop do for you?

Take a look at my Workshop Blueprint Programme to find out more.

Looking forward to sharing my passion for Signature Transformational Workshops with you!

With my Love,