Hi my friend!

How has your week been so far?

I’ll share with you how mine was: I’ve had lots of time off seeing loved ones! I’ve been on a flight and trains. I’ve also coached ideal clients, I’ve celebrated a 1- year anniversary of the Wish Tree Academy, I’ve created a new free report to share with you all about why you might not be attracting your ideal clients, and I’ve had some fantastic advice from my business mentor too about how I can move forward with my business.

I’ve also spoken to people whose money blocks were getting in their way of moving forward. Getting in the way of taking action. Getting in the way of them going for their dream.

I find it interesting speaking to people who tell me they can’t afford to invest in their business (what they are actually saying is that they can’t afford investing in themselves).

My question is always – can you afford not to?

How much is it actually costing you to stay put? To not move? To spend another year or 6 months watching endless webinars, DIY- ing and not earning any more than you did a year ago, or being stuck in a job that doesn’t make your heart sing? Or feeling lost and confused about how to create your business doing what you love?

I’d like you to calculate the actual amount.
Yes, go ahead and do that right now!

How many thousands of pounds are you missing out on by not investing in your business, by not moving forward?

Sometimes people share with me that the true cost of not taking action and investing in their business goes way beyond worrying about the bills and longing for a different life. They tell me that by not investing in support to move forward they end up feeling:

– Unsure about what their bigger purpose is
– Unsure about who they are truly meant to serve
– Fogginess around their message and story
– Feeling unfulfilled, like something is missing
– Feeling trapped in a life/work situation that is not in alignment with their true selves
– Business feeling like a problem to be solved rather than a joy and source of abundance
– Not being able to travel
– Not being able to treat themselves or their family
– Depression 

Now tell me again if doing nothing is worth it?

If we truly connect to the pain of staying stuck and we truly connect to what we want, staying in the status quo becomes impossible.  And we will do everything we can to get the money together to get the support we need to move forward.

When I started working with my business mentor 18 months ago, I made what I thought at the time, a HUGE investment.

However I didn’t hesitate, even for a second, before saying YES.

Having been self – employed for 90% of my working life (12 years), I know we’re not meant to figure it all out on our own, and that we simply can’t. Knowing how to run a successful business is an expertise that takes years to acquire.

We spend a long time skilling up in all kinds of professional areas such as coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, consultancy, reiki, nutrition, fitness, EFT, acupuncture, career mentoring, massage, aromatherapy, kinesiology, energy clearance etc etc, yet we somehow expect of ourselves to be able to launch, run or up- level our business with minimal guidance or support.

The bottom line is this: if we want to grow our business we must grow our business know- how too. And grow we do together. Just like trees grow with the help of the sun, water and nutrients.

I now know that the amount I invested in my mentor is actually a tiny teensy amount compared to the ROI (return on investment) I would come to earn in a single month as a result of working with her!

And one of the most important things she’s taught me is that when we decided to not take action, it is hardly ever about the money.

Because where there is a will there is a way.

As you already know, I’m a massive advocate for support.
Our spiritual selves understand deep down that we are all one, and that means you are meant to be supported in your human incarnation!  Yes. Supported. Connected. Part of, not separate.

Us human beings are literally wired for connection. It is in our DNA. It is how we survive, make community and thrive.
When we are not supported, we struggle, and life feels overwhelming.

On the contrary, when we feel supported we are able to relax.
When we relax, we allow ourselves to open up, to soften, and a clearing is created from which we can be creative and take focused action.

When we are supported, life flows with more ease.

Working with a coach or mentor is showing up for ourselves. It’s saying I’m worthy of an abundant beautiful life. Living my purpose, doing what I love earning a living that gives me not only stability but room to expand.

So today I’m asking you these questions:

  • Do you feel worthy of an abundant life?
  • Are you open and ready to receive support?
  • What is it costing you to do nothing and stay where you are?
  • What possibilities could open up for you if you decided to take action? 

Spend a little moment in silence sitting with these questions.

With My Love,