Hi there my friend,

I have a big question for you this week.

Have you been feeling like you can be yourself around the people you are spending your time with?

I believe that it can take courage to be ourselves in all areas of our lives, whether that is at work, with our family or those people we call our friends.

So today I am going to share a wonderful story with you about one of my amazing clients, Noreen O’Neill Roche, who is a Reiki Master & Transformational Coach who works with horses and runs the Epona Retreat Centre in Ireland.

Noreen knows what it takes to break free from any and all perceptions around who and what we should be in order to deserve love, belonging and success.

When I first met Noreen, she was, in her own words, unsure about sharing her true self with the world. Her story was vague because she was scared of being judged.

But something inside of Noreen was telling her that if only she could break through that which was holding her back, she would be able to make a bigger difference in this world and at the same time experience life with more peace and joy.

She realised that at the core of creating a flourishing, heart-led business helping people to transform their lives, is having the courage to be herself, and allow herself to be seen.

Not only did Noreen realise this, but she knew she couldn’t make that journey on her own. In fact, none of us can.

Not me, not Noreen, not you, not anybody.

So she decided to reach out and find her tribe.
And along that path, we found each other one blessed day last autumn.

Now, the extraordinary thing is this: Noreen didn’t just work hard to journey through her limiting beliefs – for herself,  for her best life and for all the people she wanted to support – she decided to take inspiration from the experience of her journey and all her learnings from it when she created her very own Signature Transformational Workshop – the ultimate test of allowing herself to be seen and share her story powerfully.

Do you know what the name of her workshop is?

It’s Courage to be Me.

And in this beautiful, soulful workshop, she works with her companion and colleague – the horse Ruby – a transformational healer in her own right.

It’s been such an honour to journey with Noreen and witness her and her work blossom and flourish.

On the day of her first workshop, I had just arrived at my beautiful holiday destination and was going to have my first lie-in in a long time, but the truth was – I couldn’t sleep.
My heart was with Noreen in Ireland. I was up with the sun with butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes.

Today was Noreen’s day. Courageously being herself and by doing just that she unconsciously gave others permission to do the same.

So, want to know how it went?

Well – it was of course a magical day.

This is what Noreen shared after the workshop:

“I had the most amazing, amazing day yesterday. My  ideal clients were just beautiful, the weather was amazing, Ruby the horse was outstanding she did what she was meant to do, the activities went really really well, the food was amazing and I just loved it! Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement, the time and the commitment is so worth it in the end. The Courage to support and move my ideal clients forward in their life was so important to me yesterday. My life purpose is so powerful now. I can’t wait to do my next one. We are going to be amazing leaders”

And this is what one of her clients shared with Noreen after her workshop:

“I’m so so proud of you, realising your dream and seeing all your work, dedication, belief, training & courage come together for your first Epona Retreat workshop. Your passion & love for people and animals was evident today as you imparted your wisdom, nourished us with food, encouraged us to embrace our creative side and really awaken our own uniqueness to empower us to be leaders in our own life’s within our soul purposes. The day was so well organised down to every little detail especially the activity at the end , brilliant . I thoroughly enjoyed it all. So well done give yourself a huge hug and squeeze. I truly look forward to working with you in the future. Xxxxx”

Now if that wasn’t enough (!) Noreen also made around 1000 Euros that day and 4 out of 5 participants became her coaching clients.
Yes. 4 out of 5!

And she also expanded her network of potential clients and gained a ton of ideas for future offers and how to promote her business more widely.

So my message to today is this: if you have a longing inside you to create a wonderful wellbeing & workshop business but think that that is for other people and not for you, then think again.

Noreen was once feeling all of the feelings you are feeling right now.

She decided to listen to the whispers of her heart that told her that life is too short to waste another moment playing small.

She decided to begin her journey back to HER and her true path of shining by taking part in one of my webinar trainings.

And that opportunity is open to you too TODAY!

Just click on this link and get yourself signed up right away. It’s free and there is nothing on sale.

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I can’t wait to connect with you!

With My Love,