Hello my friend,

Today I wanted to check in with you about something really fundamental – and that is the place from which we create our business.

The place from which we create our business will determine absolutely everything in it. From how we communicate to our bank balance.

As we know, we have two choices in life: to live from love or to live from fear.

When we live, or create our business, from a place of fear we:

Play small
We worry what others will think
We are driven by a need to prove ourselves
We copy others in the hope that we will be enough if we act or speak like them
We become attached to outcomes
We experience scarcity
We judge and compare
We work with people who don’t light us up in the belief that

“I have to work with these people because they help me pay my bills” or

“I need to work with these people – they need saving”

In fact, when we create from fear we align ourselves with people who also live from fear and who:

Are not committed to their own growth
Do not appreciate what we give [as they are not ready to receive it]
Don’t respect our time
Don’t see the value in our work
Will demand low prices
Will go out of their way to find faults with our service
Will see you as guilty until proven innocent [display suspiciousness]
Working with people who are not ready and open to receive can also give rise to situations that can be unsafe.

Powerful questions posed to people who are not ready to receive them can trigger so much resistance that people may turn aggressive.  Their energy will contaminate your space and make it inappropriate for and not conducive to learning and growth.

Instead, when we choose love in our business we choose to create a business that is based on this beautiful mantra:

“All the things I love is what my business is all about” [Martha Stewart]

When we choose love we also choose joy.
And when we choose love and joy we also choose abundance:

We choose to create from a place of knowing we are enough
We choose to remember who we truly are
We allow ourselves to be seen
We choose to have fun, to be playful and creative
We choose to nurture ourselves 
We choose to work with people who light us up
We listen to our intuition
We allow our light to shine brighter than ever before

We can never make our greatest impact when we work with people who are not our ideal clients.  Being on purpose means working with the people who are our perfect match.

The moment we begin to create our business from love and choose to work with our ideal clients, we also let go of any attachment to a ‘sale’ and invite purely from a place of service and love, including a love for ourselves.

So today I’m inviting you to sit with the following questions :

Am I creating my business from a place of love or fear?

How does working with my current clients make me feel?

How do I know when I am working with a non-ideal client vs. an ideal client?

What would my business look like if I chose to create it purely from a place of love?

Notice what comes up and make some notes in your journal.

With my love,