Hello dear you,

As you know, I talk a lot about stories and storytelling and just how essential stories and storytelling are to a successful purpose-driven business.

But stories and storytelling are only useful to us and in service of our ideal clients once we own our stories.

If the story owns us, we will be telling our story from a place of victimhood rather than from a place of power and service.

When our stories own us we are:

  • Stuck in shame and blame and “If only..”
  • We play small
  • We hide
  • We believe that our joy depends on external circumstances

When we own our stories:

  • We let go of shame and blame
  • We say yes to our truth and our worthiness
  • We turn our wounds into wisdom
  • We allow ourselves to be seen
  • We say yes to joy irrespective of life’s challenges
  • We allow ourselves to be creative
  • We let the music inside of us out

Have you ever found yourself saying:

“I wish I was free, I wish I didn’t have to play small any longer, I long for joy and I long to be in my truth”

but in the same breath feeling unwilling to let go of the story that is owning you, the story that is keeping you small, just because anything else feels risky, uncomfortable and scary?

Owning our story is not for the faint hearted, because owning our story means looking pain, grief and shame straight into the eyes. It means feeling those feelings and then letting them go.

Owning our stories means not dying with our music inside of us.

Owning our stories means we can write a brave new ending to our lives. A story of aliveness.

So today I’m asking you:
Does your story own you or do you own your story?
What story about your own worthiness do you need to let go of?
Which new story about your worthiness would you like to believe instead?

What brave new ending to your life will you write ?

Take a moment over the weekend to sit with these questions in stillness. Then download whatever comes up into your journal.

Honour yourself for being courageous.

With my love,