Hello my friend,

how are you bearing up in the snow? (I know if you live in Northern Europe right now, it’s pretty intense- right?)

I hope you are wrapped up warm with a hot drink allowing yourself some time to be, to play and to let your weekend unfold according to what the weather decides to do.

Last weekend I attended the transformational Envision Festival in Uvita, Costa Rica, and we too experienced some pretty disruptive unpredictable weather (albeit not snow!).

On the first night we received a torrential tropical downpour lasting enough time for tents and clothes to be soaked full of water, or even washed away.

There was nothing we could do. Apart from wait. Knowing that our belongings, beddings and clothes would be drenched.

Instead of freaking out at the prospect of the long night ahead, I decided to sit in one of the covered communal areas, close my eyes, listen to the roaring rainstorm, and meditate.

Meditate on the gift of water, and the gift of surrendering, with the intention of welcoming that which we had no control over with grace and ease.

When I eventually opened my eyes a long while later there was a group of people around me who had joined in!

We all smiled at each other, hugged and went off to find our mud-anchored, dripping tents in pitch darkness to the delighted sounds of frogs, howler monkeys and cicadas.

That night my husband and I slept on a water-filled foam mattress (read sponge!) in our swimwear, counting down the hours till dawn, but also – importantly- counting our blessings – after all, this is what refugees experience on a weekly basis, sometimes for years on end, and in infinitely more challenging conditions.

A little bit of unforeseen discomfort now and again can remind us to deepen our gratitude further.

Workshops at Envision starts at 6.30 am, and finish at 9.30 pm!
They are nothing short of life changing.

As someone who helps wellbeing facilitators, just like you, to develop their own transformational workshops, I was so happy to notice the flow of these sessions and how, even though they were shorter than a Signature workshop, they each included a peak transformational element and a beautiful closing ritual, as well as a clear intention.

During the 4 days of Envision Festival, I experienced everything from rituals to heal our Divine Feminine and Masculine (stay tuned for more on this in coming weeks!), connecting deeply with our womb space to align with our source of Shakti power, a healing Cacao ceremony, prayers for the world we are ushering in by us all stepping up, out and shining brighter, and of course, what it truly means to design our existence in alignment with Mother Earth.


And then there were talks on absolutely everything from psychic development to karma to plant medicine, to sacred commerce to storytelling.

My heart was burst right open (even more), and my body is just catching up with the new vibration, releasing and purging (read: coughing, sneezing) the old to usher in the new paradigm in my own life.

I have never before experienced a community of literally hundreds, or even thousands, of people (men and women), each so willing to be the love, eye gaze, cry, laugh and hug people they had never met before.

Talk about a new paradigm for the future!

What if we could all show up more like this in our everyday lives, without dimming our light in fear of what others might think?

What if..?

So today I am going to ask you:

If you were given the task of envisioning a new paradigm on Earth, what would it look like?

What qualities, behaviours and values would be honoured in this new paradigm?

How will you contribute to this new paradigm?

Come on over and share in Time to Shine! 

Can’t wait to see your vision with you.

With my Love & commitment to your heart-led journey,