Art from your heart

Share your thing + discover the beauty of changemaking from a place of purpose, joy & freedom

‘The making of change’ is a precious, even sacred Artform.

Yet all too often it becomes distorted by our personal and collective separation stories.

Instead of activating, innovating, advocating, invocating shifts from a place of aliveness, joy & desire, we push, rescue, prove, please and perfect our way through ‘changemaking’ from a sense of duty and the beliefs of either “I am not enough” or “too much.”

For many of us, sharing our true colours has simply not been safe either for us, or our ancestors.

So instead of shining bright in our unique gifts, we hide and play small. We contort and edit ourselves. We procrastinate. We doubt ourselves.

We don’t seek out the necessary learning & clarity we need in order to move our inspiration from a seed in our imagination to making it all happen in the physical world.

And instead of leaning into life by allowing ourselves to be held and supported by community when we are to birth and share our contributions, we believe we must figure it all out by ourselves.

Here’s the thing: the world can no longer stand being deprived of your true gifts. That contribution with your unique flavour that can only come from the most real and alive part of you.

Whether your version of art is a coaching business, a community project, a signature workshop, a model explaining complex concepts, a book, podcast, a course, a consultancy offering, poetry or dance, or anything else where shifts, healing, inspiration and transformation is ignited by you sharing your heart in a bigger, bolder, truer, more visible way, we can no longer bear the loss of your brightest contribution my friend!

That light that can only thrive when living, breathing, creating from a place that honours the life force energy that is you.

Sharing art from your heart is ultimately a process of loving ourselves more, home to what’s real and true and matters the most to us. Loving ourselves enough to express that truth. Our journey home to ourselves and our inner art is not for the fainthearted, but it’s what the world asks of us in these messy, turbulent, incomprehensible times.


Art from your heart

for Changemakers everywhere

Sep 4, 2024 - Nov 13, 2024

Art from your heart is a 11 week immersion that holds space for you to:

Breathe & ground and be held safely and bravely in an intimate container

Turn down the noise so you can hear your own heart

Learn creative practises that helps you tune into your inner voice

Become aware where you are being held back or are holding yourself back and why

Become more connected to your body and it’s wisdom

Learn about the energetics of working with your people and what evoking your greatest transformation in your changemaking requires of you

Strengthen your relationship to your changemaker purpose

Become clear on, or strengthen your relationship to who, what and how you want to share your art with the world

Work with the tangible and practical steps you need to take in order to bring your project, latest offering or business to life and into the world

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Access to the 'Get Trued Up' programme:
5 pre-recorded modules supporting
changemaker entrepreneurs have clarity on the
of their heart-led businesses since 2019

Programme Features

Live Workshops

Group Coaching

Safe & Brave Space

Curated CREATIVE Learning Resources

Comfortable Pace

Lifetime Access

Optional 1-2-1 Support

Accessible Learning & community Platform


root down coaching

International Changemaker Community

Art from your heart themes

11th September 2024


We start our journey by courageously leaning into our internalised shoulds and musts, patterns of striving and achieving and models of success, and where they come from. We take a look at key Wounded Changemaker Archetypes and their origins, and how they hold us back from receiving ourselves and life fully. Where they stop us from sharing ourselves authentically with the world. We give ourselves permission to sense into what a more abundant way of life and making a contribution could look and feel like. We hold space for each other to dream another dream: what could your life and work be like if it came from a place of desire instead of a sense of duty? We get clear on what our own personal liberation journey is all about, if we are to create and share art from our hearts.

18th September 2024


When we feel as though our lives don’t fully belong to ourselves, we tend to live by others’ internalised voices, expectations and demands. Instead of hearing our own hearts we are driven by a chorus of ‘try harder’, ‘hurry up’,  ‘please others’, ‘be strong’ & ‘be perfect’! Together,  we practise turning down the noise and tuning into our bodies innate wisdom and hum. 

2nd October 2024


We let our hearts know that we are ready to listen deeper to their whispers, so we practise making the phone-line connection to our hearts stronger and louder. And we practise sensing into how our bodies feel when we are aligned with our own heart’s truth and how different it feels to when we are acting and reacting based on how we think we must do and be if we are to be accepted and belong in the world. What might be possible if you belonged to you first and you decided to live and create from your heart?

9th October 2024


Now we get practical and instrospective all at the same time! What does your heart know about why you are here at this time? What might be your purpose, and who might be your purpose? e.g. who are the people who are out there and simply cannot wait to receive your heart-art! We get creative and start sensing into the foundational aspects of your art from your heart. You are supported by all of us and the Get Trued Up modules in the process too!

16th October 2024


Your art will only reach the hearts of others who ‘get it’ once you are in your flow! So it’s time to give yourself full permission to do ‘the thing’ that lights you up and makes your heart sing. We hold space for each other to stretch our imaginations around what is possible, and lean into ‘I am not enough’ and ‘who do you think you are’. We create a personal meaning map around what your art from your heart looks like if you gave yourself permission to be radically at choice.

23rd October 2024


We support each other to decide and shape what it is we want to share with the world: what are the offerings that want to be born at this time? What are the key themes or elements that they will include? What feels exciting and true about them? How do you want them to be offered and shared so that they feel aligned with the way you want to roll in the world? Once again, we get curious about internalised voices that tell us how something should or must be in order to be successful or relevant. We dance with the themes of creativity and freedom.

6th November 2024


The time has arrived for you to step out to share your true colours. We start by practising in the group. We share and declare, holding each other tenderly as we break old patterns and choose our own path forward. One where we are true to who we be, and the art that has laid dormant within us for so long. It is time to shine and make the world a little brighter! We acknowledge that the joy that comes with authentic expression might bring with it the sadness of having lived in hiding too. We honour the precious act of blooming and come to know the power of safe & brave community in finding the courage to share our song. 

When we believe we are not enough or too much, we hide that most precious part of ourselves in fear of rejection and judgment. We become scared of being truly seen for who we are.

We get drawn into co-dependent patterns, masking our light, forgetting our innate life-given worth. In our heart-led work, this shows up in many ways.

We hide by not speaking to the clients who are right for us and we for them. We hide by leading with our skills instead of our impact. We hide by thinking we have to do i or need to figure things out all by ourselves. We hide by undercharging and over-giving.

We hide by not sharing our personal stories of transformation. We hide by not knowing our core message. We hide by being vague around the shifts we evoke.

We hide by working with people who don’t show up consistently. We hide by rescuing. We hide by creating offers that we think will appeal to people instead of what excites our soul. We hide by not showing up to be held and supported even when support is available.

When we hide, we are not in the Business of Love, we are in the Business of Fear. We are not being the change. We perpetuate the very things we don’t want. Success as a changemaker depends on our relationship with the love that is life.  That’s why any old business incubator won’t do for us.

“Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart”


Through 9 immersive, live online workshops, creative exercises, group coaching & mentoring, guided meditations, somatic embodiment work + playlists to move your body to, access to the pre-recorded course ‘Get Trued Up’ and an intimate community of heart-led changemakers, you have an opportunity to:

So that you can:

“ Art is not about thinking something up. It is the opposite. It's getting something down”

Julia Cameron, The ARTIST'S WAY

A changemaker is anyone who raises their hand with a desire to make a positive difference in the world - however small or large - wherever they may find themselves.

You are either someone who has been guided by a sense of purpose for a long time, or you may be re-evaluating what your purpose is now.

You may be new to the idea of having purpose but know that you want to contribute in a way that feels good and true for you to a better future for people and planet. You long for another way. And you long to express what’s been buried inside or is teetering on the edge of being born as your precious offering to the world. 

You may be feeling alone, depleted or burnt-out by tirelessly working on your mission, or leading and motivating others for a long time. You may be feeling frustrated, impatient or sad that you haven’t yet shared your thing. 

You may be starting or developing a new business as a coach, space holder, consultant, facilitator, artist or creative that seek to raise awareness, activate shifts in minds, hearts and behaviours.

Art from your heart welcomes changemakers from all walks of life.

Meet Your Facilitator

Emily Johnsson

Emily is an experienced self-leadership coach, facilitator of transformational learning experiences, creative thinker, deep-feeler and nurturer of changemakers. In her work, she combines intuition and logic, and synthesises perspectives from many strands of knowing. Emily draws upon her background in the history of ideas & science, Arts & Culture, creative learning research, psychosocial work, organisational development, Nature-based spirituality, authentic leadership and conscious entrepreneurship, weaving it with regenerative wisdom.
She is a fiercely loving space-holder who creates safe, boundaried and brave spaces where visioning, accountability, refection, healing and embodiment is possible.
Wish Tree was founded in 2011, back then leading edge transformers in the Arts & Cultural Sector in the U.K & across Scandinavia, on a mission to make the sector more equitable, relevant and participatory in decision making, leadership and design.
In 2016 the Wish Tree Academy opened its doors to heart-led space-holders, wellbeing start-ups, creative solopreneurs & changemaker entrepreneurs. The smash-hit online programme The Workshop Blueprint (2016-2019) supported coaches, healers and consultants to create, launch and deliver signature transformational in-person workshops, was followed by Get Trued Up (2018-2020) – an immersive self-leadership journey focusing on uncovering and aligning the deeper aspects of ‘why, who, what and how’ of purpose-driven, heart-led businesses, and embracing a greater sense of wholeness in the process.
You receive the Get Trued Programme as a bonus when you join Art from your Heart!

Art from your heart: weaving with the energy of autumn.

Autumn is a season of harvest, of gathering together the gifts of the many seeds we have planted, nurtured and grown in the previous season of our lives. It’s a time of celebration of the abundance of our lives, a time of tuning into the energy of ‘plenty’. 

Autumn is a season for practising gratitude for, and sharing generously of what we have. A time of giving and receiving.  It is also when the trees express their boldest most colourful, beautiful versions of themselves, unapologetically and invite us to do the same. Then, in the next instance, they teach us the importance of shedding:  as they drop their leaves, we are encouraged to look at our lives and get clear on where we are holding onto things (patterns, relationships, contexts, places, behaviours, physical objects) that are holding us back, blocking our path or keeping us in hiding.

"...try creating a clearing in the dense forest of your life and wait there patiently until the song that is yours alone to sing falls into your open cupped hands and you recognise and greet it..."
Martha Postlethwaite

Like all our offerings, Art from your heart rests on the 4 pillars of the Wish Tree self-leadership model:

Core alignment

What's the unique why, who & what of my changemaker contribution? Whats's the song that wants to sing me and through me? How does my purpose translate into action?

Bigger picture awareness

How does my contribution relate to the bigger moment and movement for change on the planet? Who am I in team humanity?


Build a healthy, loving, compassionate, intimate relationship with ourselves. Heal what is holding us back from shining bright and sharing our gifts. Feeling whole, inside-out.


Lean into connection and authentic relating. Practise being seen, heard and held in reciprocal and life-giving ways.

“What is self-leadership? Self-leadership is about taking radical responsibility for ourselves. Who we want to be and how we want to be. Life-serving change in our lives and wider world begins with each of us saying yes to leading ourselves with intention”

Emily Johnsson

You have something important to share

POEM BY Emily Johnsson 26 APRIL 2019

I have heard your heart beloved.

Yes – I have heard your heart, and you- yes you- have something important to share with the world. 

You have a truth that wants to come through you. A message that speaks the language of your soul. A story of hope that has the power and potential to touch countless hearts.

You have something magnificent, beautiful, provoking, gentle, powerful, bold to share my friend and you just can’t keep quiet any longer. 

The world needs your wisdom, your call to action, your “me too”, your “let’s do this together”, your “you are not alone”, your “I have a solution”. 

We need to hear you, see you, feel your energy in its fullness my love.

Because that energy is the world’s medicine. The Earth’s healing. The people’s embrace.

Every moment you are in hiding is another moment we are deprived of your light. And we, we cannot stand it any longer.

It’s your time to sing your song, dance your dance. Speak, move, write, express!

It’s your time to shine, beautiful. We are waiting for your art.

Your art from your heart.

The light from your love. 


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If you pay choose to pay in full, the investment is €440 (+ tax) or €350 (+ tax) if you buy before the end of July.

We also offer a payment plan of 2 monthly payments of €225 (+ tax) or €180 (+ tax) if you buy before the end of July.

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Yes! You will have the opportunity to purchase 1-2-1 integration sessions with Emily.

All workshops run between 6.30 – 8.30 PM CEST / CET

Wed 4th September: Opening call
Wed 11th September:  From Duty to Desire
Wed 18th September: Turning Down the Noise
Wed 2nd October: Hearing your Heart
Wed 9th October: Sensing your Art: Who, What & How
Wed 16th October: Align with your Flow
Wed 23rd October: Create from your Heart
Wed 6th November: Sharing your True Colours
Wed 13th November: Closing Call

Yes, all workshops are recorded and uploaded to our learning library. You will have lifetime access to the recordings through your learning library too.

The programme starts on Sep 4, 2024 and ends on Nov 13, 2024

Root-down coaching is when one person in a group coaching setting is invited to be coached 1-2-1 in front of the other group participants on something that they find to be a challenge. It’s a golden opportunity to dig deep, shift perspectives and move forward with empowered energy and action steps.

The tax you pay is calculated at the checkout and depends on various factors including:

  • whether you are a private individual, or a business (with a valid tax ID)
  • where you reside, or where your place of business is located

About Wish Tree

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About Emily & White Supremacy

Emily is a space holder and self-leadership coach to changemakers. She has over 20 years experience in the field of human development, learning and growth, and leads the coaching and consultancy company Wish Tree since 2011. Her work centres around wholeness – whole humans, whole communities, whole organisations, whole ecosystems. A whole world. Her changemakership is therefore dedicated to clearing distortions and fragmentations that relate to our perceptions of separation.

Emily has been exposed to and ‘sat with’ systemic issues around race, racism, privilege and injustice her whole life. She was born in Camden, London, in the late 1970s to a Swedish immigrant single mum and spent her first formative years in a highly culturally and ethnically diverse setting. As a baby, Emily and her mum lived in a bedsit in a shared house with a Black British family. Her first memory of Father Christmas was of him as a Bangladeshi man. Emily’s mum worked with refugee families and in Children’s Homes in inner city London, and since she had no access to child care opportunities, Emily joined her at work. For a while, Emily had an older Black British foster sister called Debbie. She was very often the only white child in the community of children of which she was a part.

Emily moved to Sweden with her mum as a child and as a teenager became involved with, and led, antiracism youth work in her local town through her school and council-initiated networks in the 1990s.

Her mum, who was active in the peace-and- environmental movement and who had been involved as an ally in the civil rights movement in the US on her travels there, introduced her to Black feminist and activist writers such as Alice Walker, Toni Morrison and Audre Lord, and actively taught her about white privilege, white supremacy and the truth of colonialism. She was also taught about the importance of learning from Indigenous wisdom keepers in order to heal and evolve as humanity, and to (in those days) stop climate change.

In contrast, on her father’s side, Emily is of British Colonial descent. Emily’s grandmother was born in Zimbabwe to Scottish sheep-farmers. Her grandfather came from a poor English background but won a scholarship to Cambridge University to study law. As many young British men of his time who sought “adventure, a good job and travel”, Emily’s grandfather joined the colonial service in the final days of the British Empire, and served in several African countries as a high-ranking colonial officer. He spoke Zulu and Emily’s father spoke Swazi and Swahili before being sent to Britain as a child to attend boarding school, thousands of miles away from his parents.

Although Emily did not grow up with her father or his family, she eventually came to know them and have a relationship with them, which involved taking responsibility for understanding and healing her own familial and ancestral relationship to colonialism and white supremacy.

In this process, she came to see, feel and understand first hand and close up, the deeper psychological workings of the system of white supremacy, the colonial mind and its intimate links with narcissism, perfectionism, patriarchy and extractive economies and behaviours.

Between 2003-2015, Emily worked as a learning researcher and Access, Diversity and Inclusion enabler in the Arts & Cultural Sector, deeply rooted in the Convention of the Rights of the Child and the Human Rights Convention. She worked across the U.K and Scandinavia contributing to a number of large scale change projects, self-evaluation initiatives, conferences and trainings such as “Access for All”, “Inspiring Learning for All”, “Belonging – the Voices of London’s Refugees”, “The West Indian Front Room”, “Kultur och Fritid för Alla”, “Vidgat Deltagande”, “In this curriculum I don’t exist”, “In between two worlds – London teenagers’ ideas about Black History, Belonging and being British” to name a few. She worked with a wide range of marginalised communities as well as with leaders and directors holding white privilege, facilitating necessary and brave conversations challenging the status quo.

Emily has worked across many cultures and languages around the world from Sri Lanka to South Africa, Costa Rica and India to Romania and Denmark, continuously reflecting on and challenging white saviour tendencies. In this process has come to observe how white supremacy and racism works differently in different countries depending on context and history.

In 2020, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, Emily became a loud voice in the Wellness industry by calling in leaders bypassing white supremacy through ‘love and light’ rhetoric, exceptionalism, colourblindness and virtue signalling. She closed down several online coaching circles because white participants were unwilling to dive deeper into their own internalised white supremacy, and rendered the spaces not only additionally unsafe, but traumatising for BIPOC clients. Her platform and large facebook community for coaches and wellbeing facilitators centred BIWOC-led anti-racism conversations as a response.

Emily is a skilled and fiercely loving coach and space-holder with many years experience of creating safe spaces for accountability, healing, integration and growth to take place.

She is dedicated to her own ongoing learning, healing and unlearning of covert white supremacy. Examples of this are continuous learning from a wide range of anti-racism educators, authors and activists from around the world.

This bio has not been written with the intention of centring Emily in the context of Me & White Supremacy, but to transparently share about her background, values, skills and experience in order for you to make a conscious decision to choose her as a space-holder, or not.

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+1 (234) 466-9764
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