Embody the Change Maker you want to be

Live your values, walk your talk and inspire change through integrity self-leadership

We find ourselves in extraordinary times.

A crucial moment in the history of humankind and of our planet. A time when we have the potential to steer ourselves in a new direction: will we continue on the trajectory that we set out on some 500 years ago, which has led us to burnout and a burning planet? Or will we choose to create new pathways that will allow more of us, or even all of us, and the Earth’s ecosystems, to thrive?

The World Economic Forum predicts that the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of general conditions for life and work (also known as the VUCA index) will only increase in the years ahead.

Right now, every sector of society – from fashion to farming, transportation to technology, economics, education, organisational development and HR is redefining itself. And every organisation is looking within, in order to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

These are times that are asking more of us as human beings. Asking us all become changemakers in our own unique ways.

You are here to create a legacy of hope, healing, prosperity and peace

In however small or big ways you wish. Feeling present, grounded, creative, compassionate, focused and strong in your motivation to take action from a place of purpose is what’s going to make that a possibility. So is being able to nourish yourself well inside and out, and be part of a community of like-minded and like-hearted people, in supportive, life-serving relationships.

This is what is means to be an agile and regenerative self-leader.

One that takes radical responsibility for who you want to be, and how you want to be, here now. For the future of our planet and the children of the distant tomorrow.

A self-leader that takes radical responsibility for your own well-being and sense of wholeness, so that you can last a lifetime and enjoy your life in the process.

Roots 4 Change is a 19 weeks transformational self-leadership journey that gives you the wings to rise to the occasion. So that you can inspire, activate, create, lead and hold space for change in your own life and in the world around you in a way that enables lasting positive impact, all whilst thriving yourself.


Roots 4 Change

for Changemakers everywhere

26th of February - 5th of July 2024

Roots 4 Change will encourage you to:

Get even closer to what truly matters to you and who you are as a changemaker.

Come to know your strengths and learn about your areas of growth as a leader.

Receive foundational knowledge about what it means to be a wholehearted leader, a culturally responsive leader, an intersectional leader, a leader that champions a shift into more life-aligned ways of being and doing, wherever they find themselves. 

Listen to the wounded changemaker in you – the part of you who have rescued and fixed and saved and burned out in the past, and wants to know how to affect change in a way that allows you to thrive in the process.

Understand more fully what your mission is as a changemaker, know the difference between meaning and purpose and why embracing a clear vision, a reflective cycle and an entrepreneurial spirit is key to your longevity as a changemaker.

Connect with like-hearted people who are unafraid to show up, look themselves in the mirror, learn and unlearn and cheer you on as you do the same.

Feel safe, nourished, inspired and creative to move forward in alignment with a Wisdom Strategy bespoke to you.

A changemaker is anyone who raises their hand with a desire to make a positive difference in the world - however small or large - wherever they may find themselves.

You are either someone who has been guided by a sense of purpose for a long time, or you may be re-evaluating what your purpose is now.

You may be new to the idea of having purpose but know that you want to contribute in any way you can to a better future for people and planet.

You may be feeling alone, depleted or burnt-out by tirelessly working on your mission, or leading and motivating others for a long time.

You may be passionate about one or many causes, or you are wanting to find yours.

You may be starting or developing a new business as a consultant or facilitator, artist or creative that seek to raise awareness, activate shifts in minds, hearts and behaviours.

You may lead a team of people, manage processes or strategies or be responsible for implementing new ways of thinking, being and doing in a corporation or public sector organisation and find it lonely, frustrating, exhausting more often than not. 

Roots 4 Change welcomes changemakers from all walks of life.

Programme Features

Live Workshops

Group Coaching

Safe & Brave Space

Curated CREATIVE Learning Resources

curated content from wisdom keepers

Comfortable Pace

Lifetime Access

Optional 1-2-1 Support

Accessible Learning & community Platform


root down coaching

International Changemaker Community

The 6 Roots

Roots 4 Change is a 19 weeks self-leadership journey that invites us to come together in community to explore what it means to be a changemaker in extraordinary times.In our time together, we will explore 6 roots for change.
26th February - 1st March


Working with the pillar of Bigger Picture Awareness, we take a historical perspective on our current circumstances. How on Earth is it that we find ourselves facing climate breakdown, an epidemic in burn-out and stress alongside biodiversity loss, energy crisis, systemic racism and gross inequalities in health and wealth? We learn about the root causes to our collective story of separation from an interdisciplinary perspective, and embrace the invitation for a whole-system approach to solutions. We are nudged by the Apple Tree to explore the importance of holding a vision for thriving and tune into our personal reasons for us choosing to grow new roots for change.

“Trying to plan for a future without knowing the past is like planting cut flowers” ~ Daniel Boorstin

4th - 29th March

ROOT 1: Anchoring for Change

The Kauri tree guides us to reflect upon the invitation that “everyone is a changemaker”, and asks us to commit to treading mindfully upon the Earth. We reflect on old patterns of fixing, rescuing or feeling the weight of the world upon our shoulders. We look at our relationship to over-work, overwhelm, pleasing, proving, perfecting and burn-out. We connect with our ancestors and the lands and feel into our relationship to them. We allow what wants to be healed to be seen and felt. We embrace the invitation to become New Changemakers, committed to remembering wholeness so that we can innovate for possible new thriving futures for us all.

1st - 19th April

ROOT 2: Values, Purpose & Meaning

In our second root we work with the pillar of Core Alignment. The Shepherd Tree greets us with the old African proverb: “When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind”. We re-connect with our own root-system through our values and sense of purpose. We create a vision for what a thriving quality life in our own lives would look and feel like, whilst staying mindful of living within our 9 planetary boundaries.

22nd April - 17th May

ROOT 3: A Legacy for Change

The Oak Tree teaches us about the true meaning of interdependence, generosity and reciprocal, life-serving relationships. We explore the concept of ‘legacy’ and come to understand what it means to be seed-planters for change, for a garden we will never see. We accept the invitation of being stewards of the world for future generations. We connect deeply with ourselves through a seed-mediation and end-of-life meditation. If we want, we spend time feeling into our next changemaker project.

20th - 31st May

ROOT 4: Leading with integrity, relevance & impact

In the name of integrity, the Sycamore Tree invites us to say yes to the transformation that self-leadership invites us to embrace. We are introduced to concepts such as daring leadership, co-active leadership, intersectionality and culturally responsive leadership. We embrace the invitation that in order to be the person we want to be at this time and a New Changemaker, we will say yes to choosing courage over comfort – every time.

3rd - 28th June

ROOT 5: The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Ash Tree guides us as changemakers to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, no matter if we are business owners or not. We learn about the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit to being the weavers and co-creators of a regenerative future, and the necessity of taking action on our purpose, with integrity. We say yes to balancing masculine (yang/sun) and feminine (yin/moon) ways of being in the world so that we can operate with more wholeness as self-leaders in life and at work.

1st - 5th July

ROOT 6: Wisdom Strategy

In our final root, The Banyan Tree invites us to embrace self-reflection as one of the most important tools as a New Changemaker. We feel into what it means to honour cycles and seasons in our work and in our life so that we can embrace a sense of flow, resilience and energy by living more as Nature. We weave together the strands of learning from our Roots 4 Change journey into a Wisdom Strategy to navigate from on our onward path as the New Changemakers.

“Leading with integrity and empathy requires vision and a connection to your deepest self"

Karla McLaren

In the next decade, much of the future of humankind and the planet will be decided. This is no exaggeration.

We are asking ourselves both how we got here in the first place, and how to move humanity forward more regeneratively, inclusively, equitably, and peacefully.

It’s no longer about affecting change within the systems we’ve created; it’s about changing the systems.

That’s why every imaginable Think Tank call this the ‘decade of disruption’. The ‘decade of transformation’. A watershed moment. A crossroads.

If we are to effectively be a part of the movement for change, we need to make sure we are solid, resilient, and resourceful in our leadership.

We need to able to lead ourselves with agility from our core.

Learning to lead ourselves well is the only way we will be able to interrupt what is not working, heal what has been ignored and bypassed, and innovate what we must in order to meet the collective challenges and opportunities we face.

Roots 4 Change rests on the 4 pillars of the Wish Tree self-leadership model.

Core alignment

How do my values translate into action? What’s my mission? What do I need to learn and unlearn in order to walk my talk and show up with integrity?

Bigger picture awareness

How does my contribution relate to the bigger moment and movement for change on the planet? Where have we come from and where are we going?


Build a healthy, loving, compassionate, intimate relationship with ourselves. Feeling whole, inside-out.


Boundaried and transparent relationships create safety and trust so that we can be seen, heard and held in reciprocal and life-giving ways.

“What is self-leadership? Self-leadership is about taking radical responsibility for ourselves. Who we want to be and how we want to be. Life-serving change in our lives, family systems, workplaces and wider world begins with each of us saying yes to self-leadership”

Emily Johnsson

Roots 4 Change Testimonials

“Roots 4 Change is a container for individual change with deep reverence to Mother Earth and awareness of our part in helping, restoring and protecting for the good of the collective. It's a loving but disruptive container, with the invitation to plant seeds as they call to us. It's a place to learn and unlearn, as well as to inspire and support as we each sow our seeds and embark on our changemaker path. Roots 4 Change has helped me to see through many of the old patterns and the parts that colonialism and separation have played in those. My sovereignty has opened up and I feel deeply grounded. My Wisdom Strategy is right beside my computer. I read it aloud everyday and light up! The 1:1 sessions really helped to crystallise everything that has been stirred up. I am reclaiming my voice and helping children to find theirs.”
Claire Harvey
“Roots 4 Change feels like a new way of learning. Very grounded, open-minded, open-hearted, expansive. Wholesome and organic. There was equality in contribution and healing among us. It felt like a growing tree: completely open to the flow of life. Roots 4 Change is a safe and loving space. Welcoming everything that comes up with accountability for our thoughts, words and actions. You can receive all the support you need in line with becoming a changemaker leader and what that means for you. It is for anyone who wants to get in touch with their core values, and is curious as to how they could come together with their experience, inspirations, heart’s desires, passions - even to find these too! And to help them with their next step, whether a project they want to share with people out in the wider world, or something they would like to share in their family.”
Annabel Jones
“The experience of the Roots 4 Change journey has been life-changing and transformational. There has been a great deal of healing the wounded changemaker in me, and a great emergence and awakening. So many layers of the old me have been shed and I feel that I have truly come into wholeness. It has been so educational and mind- blowing too! I have felt nurtured, held and safe, and it has been wonderful to be in a community and share wisdom and knowledge from each other. I have learnt and unlearnt, staying open and being willing to change my mindset and behaviours in the middle of great discomfort at what I uncovered about myself and society. Roots 4 Change is the most wonderful creation, and I feel deeply honoured to have taken this journey, with the most inspiring mentor Emily Johnsson and the people that walked with me. If you want to truly make a difference in the world, and walk your talk then this journey is for you. The depths of healing and what you unearth about yourself is priceless. Everyone on this planet really should experience Roots 4 Change......what a different world we would live in!"
Jayne Reeman

“When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind”

African Proverb

Meet Your Facilitator

Emily Johnsson

Emily is an experienced self-leadership coach, facilitator of transformational learning experiences, creative thinker, deep-feeler and nurturer of changemakers. In her work, she combines intuition and logic, and synthesises perspectives from many strands of knowing. She draws upon her background in the history of ideas & science, learning research, psychosocial work, organisational development, Nature-based spirituality, authentic leadership and conscious entrepreneurship, weaving it with regenerative wisdom. Emily believes in an equitable world where everyone thrives. She believes that courage, care for the whole and compassion are integral aspects of self-leadership with which to infuse every project, interaction and new pathway forward. Emily is an experienced space-holder who creates safe, boundaried and brave spaces where visioning, accountability, refection, healing and embodiment is possible. Her heritage is Celtic and Scandinavian and she currently lives in the countryside of southern Sweden. She often works with the symbolism and folklore of trees in her writings and offerings.

Meet Your Space Guardian

Christine Lord

Christine Lord is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker trained in Somatic Experiencing, who has been gathering wisdom in her field for 21 years. She has devoted her professional studies to understanding how trauma lives in the body and has provided psychotherapy for the past 13 years. She is also a Reiki Master and is experienced through the third level of Healing Touch.

Christine compassionately witnesses and listens deeply to the unique blueprint of her individual client’s nervous system through a multi-dimensional lens. She combines cutting-edge knowledge of polyvagal theory and ancient and mystical traditions around healing and embodied consciousness. Christine helps her clients bring meaning to their earthly experience and tune into the intelligent wisdom within and around them to live in harmony with the sacredness of their soul journey.

Christine is an advocate of decolonizing all humans and bringing them back to the wisdom of their own bodies, to foster healthy connections with others, to live in right-relationship with the Earth and to honour the universal life force energy that connects us all. Christine runs healing circles and retreats for helping and healing professionals to support their life mission through a grounded, nourishing, and sustainable approach, and assists in training new BIPOC students going through the Somatic Experiencing International Institute.

Christine is the Space Guardian for our Roots 4 Change Journey. This means that as well as being the keeper of our Agreement of Trust that allows our space to be fully safe, she will be showing up in her powerful presence that allows deep healing to take place and wisdom and clarity to emerge in each of us. Christine will be available for 1-2-1 embodiment sessions throughout our journey.

Through 6 carefully curated modules (Roots), 12 immersive, live online workshops, reflective prompts, creative visual hand-outs and playlists to move your body to, and an intimate community of heart-led changemakers, you have an opportunity to:

So that you can:


Pay in Full

LOWER INCOME investment

€636 + tax

Higher INCOME investment

€888 + tax

Single payment

Payment Plan

LOWER INCOME investment

€223 + tax

HIGHER INCOME investment

€311 + tax

3 monthly payments

“Are you prepared to lead in the decade of disruption?”

Henna Inam

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for. here, please reach out to us at support@wishtree.life and we will gladly help!

If you pay choose to pay in full, the investment is €636 (+ tax) for lower income participants, or €888 (+ tax) for higher income participants.

We also offer a payment plan of 3 monthly payments of €223 (+ tax) for lower income participants, or €311 (+ tax) for higher income participants.

Are you looking to send 3 or more participants? Get in touch for bespoke pricing.

Yes! You will have the opportunity to purchase 1-2-1 integration sessions with Emily.

28th Feb – The Vision of the Apple Tree / Opening Call
6th March – Root 1: Anchoring for Change
20th March – Root 1 Community Integration Call / Group Coaching
3rd April – Root 2: Values, Purpose and Meaning
10th April – Roots 2 Community Integration Call / Group Coaching
24th April – Root 3: A Legacy 4 Change
8th May – Roots 3 Community Integration Call / Group Coaching
22nd May – Root 4: Leading With Integrity, Relevance & Impact
29th May – Root 4 Community Integration Call / Group Coaching
5th June – Root 5: The Entrepreneurial Spirit
19th June – Root 5 Community Integration Call / Group Coaching
3rd July – Root 6: Wisdom Strategy / Closing Call

Yes, all workshops are recorded and uploaded to our learning library. You will have lifetime access to the recordings through your learning library too.

The programme starts on 26th of February and ends on 5th of July 2024

Root-down coaching is when one person in a group coaching setting is invited to be coached 1-2-1 in front of the other group participants on something that they find to be a challenge. It’s a golden opportunity to dig deep, shift perspectives and move forward with empowered energy and action steps.

The tax you pay is calculated at the checkout and depends on various factors including:

  • whether you are a private individual, or a business (with a valid tax ID)
  • where you reside, or where your place of business is located

About Wish Tree

About Wish Tree

Wish Tree’s mission is to facilitate a vibrant, diverse, inclusive and empowered movement of changemakers from all walks of life to take action on their purpose, so that together we can make a lasting positive impact in the world, and leave a legacy of hope, healing, prosperity and peace, all whilst thriving ourselves.

As changemakers, great intentions live buried within, and in order for them to seed change, we need spaces to voice them, plant them, nurture and grow them, so that they can blossom and thrive into actions that make them a reality.

Wish Trees have existed as part of many cultures around the globe for thousands of years, and are places where we reconnect with our inner truths: what matters to us the most and who we really are – what we stand for and take a stand for. What we wish for the most for our own lives and for the world around us. 

Wish Trees are symbols of hope and peace.

In Wish Tree, we believe in the vision of a thriving humanity and Earth. We believe in a world where no matter who you are and where you were born, you are able to thrive and live in peace. We believe in a world where our planet is restored, and our ecosystems thrive and live in peace too.

This is the vision that guides all our work and contributions.  



Tree plantation is embedded into the Wish Tree business model. When you purchase Roots 4 Change and any other Wish Tree offering, you have the opportunity to donate to TreeSisters. TreeSisters is a UK registered social change and reforestation charity that places tropical forest restoration into everyone’s hands. They believe in a future in which it is normal for everyone to protect and restore themselves and their world. So far, over 26 million trees across 12 locations from Brazil to Madagascar have been planted with the support of TreeSisters.  Projects are carried out in partnership with local communities and improve livelihoods, protect critically endangered species, and focus on gender parity and the participation of women, with the intention to restore the web of life and mitigate climate breakdown. They actively encourage the cultural shift required to move from a consumer to a restorative culture. 

Roots 4 Change explores the questions:

"How can we lead ourselves with confidence, curiosity, creativity, empathy, a sense of wholeness and grounded focus in a world that is changing more rapidly than ever?"

"How can we make sure that we truly contribute to a thriving future for all of us?"

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About Emily & White Supremacy

Emily is a space holder and self-leadership coach to changemakers. She has over 20 years experience in the field of human development, learning and growth, and leads the coaching and consultancy company Wish Tree since 2011. Her work centres around wholeness – whole humans, whole communities, whole organisations, whole ecosystems. A whole world. Her changemakership is therefore dedicated to clearing distortions and fragmentations that relate to our perceptions of separation.

Emily has been exposed to and ‘sat with’ systemic issues around race, racism, privilege and injustice her whole life. She was born in Camden, London, in the late 1970s to a Swedish immigrant single mum and spent her first formative years in a highly culturally and ethnically diverse setting. As a baby, Emily and her mum lived in a bedsit in a shared house with a Black British family. Her first memory of Father Christmas was of him as a Bangladeshi man. Emily’s mum worked with refugee families and in Children’s Homes in inner city London, and since she had no access to child care opportunities, Emily joined her at work. For a while, Emily had an older Black British foster sister called Debbie. She was very often the only white child in the community of children of which she was a part.

Emily moved to Sweden with her mum as a child and as a teenager became involved with, and led, antiracism youth work in her local town through her school and council-initiated networks in the 1990s.

Her mum, who was active in the peace-and- environmental movement and who had been involved as an ally in the civil rights movement in the US on her travels there, introduced her to Black feminist and activist writers such as Alice Walker, Toni Morrison and Audre Lord, and actively taught her about white privilege, white supremacy and the truth of colonialism. She was also taught about the importance of learning from Indigenous wisdom keepers in order to heal and evolve as humanity, and to (in those days) stop climate change.

In contrast, on her father’s side, Emily is of British Colonial descent. Emily’s grandmother was born in Zimbabwe to Scottish sheep-farmers. Her grandfather came from a poor English background but won a scholarship to Cambridge University to study law. As many young British men of his time who sought “adventure, a good job and travel”, Emily’s grandfather joined the colonial service in the final days of the British Empire, and served in several African countries as a high-ranking colonial officer. He spoke Zulu and Emily’s father spoke Swazi and Swahili before being sent to Britain as a child to attend boarding school, thousands of miles away from his parents.

Although Emily did not grow up with her father or his family, she eventually came to know them and have a relationship with them, which involved taking responsibility for understanding and healing her own familial and ancestral relationship to colonialism and white supremacy.

In this process, she came to see, feel and understand first hand and close up, the deeper psychological workings of the system of white supremacy, the colonial mind and its intimate links with narcissism, perfectionism, patriarchy and extractive economies and behaviours.

Between 2003-2015, Emily worked as a learning researcher and Access, Diversity and Inclusion enabler in the Arts & Cultural Sector, deeply rooted in the Convention of the Rights of the Child and the Human Rights Convention. She worked across the U.K and Scandinavia contributing to a number of large scale change projects, self-evaluation initiatives, conferences and trainings such as “Access for All”, “Inspiring Learning for All”, “Belonging – the Voices of London’s Refugees”, “The West Indian Front Room”, “Kultur och Fritid för Alla”, “Vidgat Deltagande”, “In this curriculum I don’t exist”, “In between two worlds – London teenagers’ ideas about Black History, Belonging and being British” to name a few. She worked with a wide range of marginalised communities as well as with leaders and directors holding white privilege, facilitating necessary and brave conversations challenging the status quo.

Emily has worked across many cultures and languages around the world from Sri Lanka to South Africa, Costa Rica and India to Romania and Denmark, continuously reflecting on and challenging white saviour tendencies. In this process has come to observe how white supremacy and racism works differently in different countries depending on context and history.

In 2020, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, Emily became a loud voice in the Wellness industry by calling in leaders bypassing white supremacy through ‘love and light’ rhetoric, exceptionalism, colourblindness and virtue signalling. She closed down several online coaching circles because white participants were unwilling to dive deeper into their own internalised white supremacy, and rendered the spaces not only additionally unsafe, but traumatising for BIPOC clients. Her platform and large facebook community for coaches and wellbeing facilitators centred BIWOC-led anti-racism conversations as a response.

Emily is a skilled and fiercely loving coach and space-holder with many years experience of creating safe spaces for accountability, healing, integration and growth to take place.

She is dedicated to her own ongoing learning, healing and unlearning of covert white supremacy. Examples of this are continuous learning from a wide range of anti-racism educators, authors and activists from around the world.

This bio has not been written with the intention of centring Emily in the context of Me & White Supremacy, but to transparently share about her background, values, skills and experience in order for you to make a conscious decision to choose her as a space-holder, or not.

137 Seacoast Ave, New York, NY 10094
+1 (234) 466-9764
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