Hello there wonderful, 
This week is special.
Want to know why?
The Wish Tree Academy is 1 years old! 
Yes it’s true. And believe it or not, it’s actually hard for me to take in that only a year ago I embarked on a journey that would come to change my life forever, and others too.
Last August, I opened the doors to the Wish Tree Academy, supporting Coaches, Therapists, Healers and Wellbeing facilitators of all kinds to launch or grow their dream businesses from the inside-out.
And in the process I took a chance, of course.
I took a chance on a dream, a took a chance on my mentor, I took a chance on investing money. I risked disappointment, shame and failure, all in order to serve bigger and live with more aliveness.
I risked because it truly felt as though I had no option but to step fourth.
It was simply inconceivable not to.
I refused to let my dream fall away because of fears.
I asked myself:
How would you feel on your last day on Earth if you didn’t go for it?
And so it was that the launch of the Wish Tree Academy quickly became a no-brainer.
To the Academy I brought all of my 12 years of experience of running a consultancy business, my expertise in learning research, experience as a Coach and Master Workshop Facilitator.
And I also brought my purpose, passion, intuition, creativity and all of that love for people and the planet that pulses through my veins and fills my heart every day.
Over the past year, I have poured my energy, commitment, time and focus into creating a wonderful learning and development space for those who are called to serve humanity.
I’ve done it for you but I’ve also done it for me.
Because the Wish Tree Academy is me saying yes to me.
It’s saying yes to ALL of me.
And it’s saying yes to you, and your dreams too.
Creating the Wish Tree Academy is saying “I love you” to you, AND to me, in equal measures.
At the Heart of the Academy is my Signature ” Workshop Blueprint Programme”, which enables you to:

  • Get clear on your Life Purpose
  • Know exactly who your Ideal Client is
  • Know the precise difference your work is going to have, and has in the world
  • Find, own and share your own stories of transformation
  • Develop your own beautiful Signature Transformational Workshop
  • Step into your Authentic Leadership
  • Launch or grow your Business sustainably

To think that just months before the launch of this Programme one year ago, the whole idea of it existed only in my heart, head and on a Post-it note on the wall of my office. 

It’s right here in the picture, that very post-it note.

What it says is now a fully fledged manifested dream.
It blows my mind just thinking about it.
Because by now, a whole tribe has wandered through the programme and they are out there in the world, shining their light, making a bigger difference, serving their ideal clients, living their purpose, sharing their stories, opening up to abundance and leading more authentically.
The ripples of love and transformation are incredible and every time someone completes and launches their Signature Workshop, I am in awe. I have goosebumps all over my body and tears in my eyes and I thank the Universe for the amazing tapestry that unfolds before us.
At times, of course,  there have been long nights and early rises, at times there have been moments of challenge that have invited me to serve with more patience and less ego, and there have been times when I have needed to embrace, on an even deeper level, my own sense of being enough and just how perfect life can be in the midst of my imperfections.

So, what have I learned so far from this incredible journey?
Well, many a thing! But here are a few short threads of wisdom:

  • Write down all my ideas – always (one never knows what will become of them)
  • Act on the ideas that excites my spirit ASAP
  • Allow myself to dream big and to be supported
  • Take consistent action – work hard but let go of hard work
  • Open up to abundance & receiving
  • Surrender and BELIEVE              

So today I want to ask you:
Are you longing to create a business that makes a bigger difference and at the same time allows you to shine and brings you abundance and deep contentment? Are you ready to take action on your dreams? Are you willing to be supported and transform the way you work?
If you are, allow yourself to apply for one of only 2 places remaining for the September run of the Workshop Blueprint Programme, and I will give you 2 weeks of coaching for FREE!

But hurry, the spaces fill up real quick.
Take a little moment to apply here
This is what others have said about the programme:

“I had no idea of how deep and authentic we would be going on this course, I was absolutely blown away by the shifts and clarity I got around, not just my business vision, but who I am in the world and my AUTHENTIC message and value to the world. I got clear, inspired and purposeful in a way that I had not at all expected. Instead of JUST A NEW WORKSHOP, I truly found MY voice, MY expression in the world, and that has been a catalyst for lots of fantastic products and services, ALL completely aligned to who I am, and my purest intentions. My ideal client is absolutely crystal clear because of this wonderful journey, and that has allowed me to create clearly and authentically. My business, my life, my vision, has been truly transformed because of this programme.”

 “This programme feels like a very strong basis for a business. In a world of a lot of noise in the coaching/transformation and online world this programme is authentic and real.”

“It has been SO much more that the creating of a workshop, the things I learnt and am still learning with Emily have become the underpinning/grounding for the energy, vision, intention and creation of my entire business. Clarity, creativity, inspiration and support are the words that most resonate with me when I think of what this journey with Emily has, and is giving me. TRULY TRANSFORMATIONAL.”

Apply now to make sure you are not missing out on your journey towards manifesting your dreams