Get Trued Up

With Emily Johnsson, The Wish Tree Academy

Experience the Peace, Joy and Freedom of a business anchored in the truth of who you are

a 9-week transformational journey

The world has changed, and so have you.


Living in confusing times means that our lives and our heart-led businesses can feel confusing too. Perhaps you are questioning the direction of your business? Perhaps you are feeling as though you are becoming someone new in your leadership?

In order for us to invite, serve, impact and lead with clarity, confidence, integrity and courage, having an opportunity to come into alignment is key.

Because now more than ever, the people we are to serve deserve to know who we are, what we stand for and how our service is going to change their lives. That’s how they will feel safe with us and trust us as guides and space-holders on their path.

“In a heart-led business, success is a function of alignment”


Get Trued Up is a unique and deeply transformational journey.

It is designed to help you come home to yourself, to recalibrate, and to listen inwards to what is alive, real and true for you beyond the noise, confusion or external pressures present here now. As such, Get Trued Up is a vessel for both healing and clarity.

Getting Trued Up enables us to:


  • Know our unique contribution and who we are meant to serve
  • Feel confident in who we are and what we are here to be and do
  • Feel a sense of wholeness and coherency in our work
  • Launch or grow our heart-led business from a place of clarity
  • Own our stories rather than our stories owning us. Share our stories powerfully
  • Know what offers to create and which ones not to
  • Create content marketing from the voice of our hearts
  • Address the right people in all of our advertising and attract clients who light us up
  • Evoke our greatest transformation
  • Come into balance between giving and receiving
  • Live from a higher vibration that comes from embodying and serving from our Life purpose

If we want to create, recreate or grow our heart-led service, we are invited to align with three things: love, our truth and our purpose. This is the journey of Get Trued Up


Aligning with love is our first priority as space holders and change makers

It means choosing to not only do what we love, but do what we love in a way that lights us up and makes us feel good.

Aligning with love means we let go of pleasing, proving, performing, procrastinating, pretending, comparing, competing, rushing, pushing.

It means we let go of being fiercely independent.

We come to understand that we are enough today. 

We choose to work with people who are committed, ready and value our service.

It means setting healthy boundaries and allowing ourselves to be held and supported.

It means we receive abundantly, whether it is in the form of support or money.

Aligning with love means an ongoing commitment to healing our wounds and limiting beliefs about ourselves and what is possible for us in the world. It means unifying the rejected, neglected, abandoned parts of ourselves and coming home to wholeness. It means balancing and embracing the sacred feminine and masculine energies within us.

It means letting go of anything and everything that stands between us and love.

Only then can we embrace the frequency we wish to see in the world.

Only then can we truly hold space for others from a place of true compassion, empathy and unconditional love.

Aligning with Love is a life-long journey of liberating ourselves from the illusion that we are not Love.

Aligning with our truth

means living and leading from our values.

It means taking a stand for what matters to us.

It means being unambiguous about what our work and our message are all about.

Alignment with our truth also means owning our stories rather than our stories owning us. 

When an individual or a collective story of shame owns us, we are held back, we fade, hide, and dim our light. Aligning with our truth means we can embrace our power and shine with confidence in our leadership.

It means having the courage to be who we really are and letting go of our fear of rejection.

Alignment with our purpose

means receiving ourselves more fully, knowing the unique energy we bring to the world. It means understanding, in the depth of our being, why we are here and why our contribution matters to humanity and our planet.

Alignment with purpose means knowing the core transformation that we are here to evoke as healers, conscious leaders and change-makers, our impact, the difference we are here to make when we show up fully, as ourselves. This is our ‘why’, the energy that fuels, powers, our heart-led service and life.

It means giving ourselves permission to express ourselves in all the ways that light us up, bringing all of ourselves to the table, not leaving any part out.

Alignment with our purpose also means knowing who our purpose is: the people we are meant to connect with, be in community with, serve. These people will a beautiful energetic match to us!

Therefore, alignment with our purpose is both embodying the unique energy we bring, having clarity on our ‘why’ and saying yes to receiving our soul clients.

“We have a choice in how we show up in our heart-led business.
What we choose is going to determine to what extent our heart-led business flows or not.
When we choose to show up from a place of truth, rather than what and who we believe we must be or should do in order to be successful, we will truly serve, lead, and live from a place of Love.”


It was in the autumn of 2018 that I received the full download for the Get Trued Up programme. 

I had just spent an intense week with my teacher Gabrielle Bernstein in Kripalu well-being centre in Massachusetts, USA. My heart was full and open for my next chapter. I felt my community was too.

It was then the programme ‘landed’ with me, on the plane back to England.

I had been teaching all the aspects of the Get Trued Up methodology for some years, but not in the depth and breadth that was now being revealed to me in my inner guidance that I must. I was shown that in order for change-makers, space-holders, conscious leaders and healers to have the most effective and lasting impact in the world at this crucial time in the history of humanity, they needed to create a truly solid foundation for their service and leadership, inside-out. It was no longer optional.

You see, when we are leading with our skills and tools rather than our own energy, purpose and message, we are dimming our light. We are not shining as bright as we are meant to. When we don’t know who we are serving and why, chances are that we are not consistently attracting committed clients who light us up.

And when we don’t shine as bright as we are meant to, or attracting committed clients who light us up , we are not making the difference we are capable of.

The truth is, nothing really works in a heart-led business unless we operate from a trued-up place.

So if we want to make a real difference and shine bright in the process, we have a responsibility to say yes to creating a solid foundation for our heart-led service in alignment with love, truth, and purpose.

That is when we will serve from a place of peace, freedom and joy inside of us, and that is when we make our highest contribution.

Get Trued Up is in an invitation to do just that. It guides you to have clarity and embodiment of 5 key foundational pillars.

The 5 Pillars of Get Trued Up

1. Life Purpose

Our journey starts where it has to begin – delving deep into our life-purpose and what is most important to us.

We will work with guided meditations to connect with your soul’s purpose and discover your unique contribution.

You will begin to see your own light, power and inner beauty.

You will connect with your most deeply held values and start to envision how your life and service will look when your values are implemented in practise.

You will create and embody your powerful, bold and vibrant Life Purpose Statement.

Optional: Book a 90 min 1-2-1 transformational Life Purpose session with Emily

2. Ideal Client

In our second pillar we also use guided visualisation and powerful questions to get crystal clear on who your purpose is: your soul clients.

We will learn about why knowing our ideal clients is essential to a transformational and abundant heart-led business.

We come to understand what the distinction between tribe members and ideal clients are too, and we sit with a range of deep questions that will help you know both the inner and outer worlds of your ideal clients.

We tune into, explore and understand what your ideal clients’ energetic entry points are, and you get clear on what the top-of-mind desire that you support your clients with.

You will create an Ideal client vision board to help you open your heart to receiving these beautiful beings who light you up!

3. Impact

Your impact is an extension of your Life Purpose and a perfect match to the pain and longings of your ideal clients.

You will come to have a detailed understanding of the impact your work in the world. No, not the impact of the modalities you use in your work, but the transformation you evoke!

You will learn a useful language for describing the outcomes of your service and make sure that your outcomes match what your ideal clients are looking for support around.

We discover how knowing what the impact of our work is will help us in the design and marketing of our offers.

4. Owning Our Stories

Aligning with Love means liberation work! It means freeing ourselves from the shame, blame and grief that holds us back from living life with peace and joy.

Using a life-scan exercise, we will remember our stories of transformation throughout our lives, move through our pain and set ourselves free!

We will own and celebrate our imperfect journey that has made us who we are.

We will learn how to turn our mess into a message, our wounds into wisdom so that we can allow ourselves to be seen in a more real way. Being able to show up vulnerable is key to relationship building in our heart-led business.

Optional: Allow Emily to support you in a 1-2-1 transformational story session.


5. Core Message

In our final pillar we bring it all together and craft your core message!

Your core message is the journey you take people on in your heart-led business, it’s the essence of your work in this life-time.

It’s what it is all for, beyond the modalities and tool box that you are used to leading with.

In our final pillar you will take centre stage and allow yourself to shine in your truth and in your purpose. You are able to do so, because you have come home to Love.

We will celebrate who you are becoming.


Videos, guided meditations, creative exercises and worksheets

Private FB group

Intimate Facebook group for sharing, support and accountability

GROUP Coaching

One 120-minute transformational group coaching session each week. Small and intimate circle

Facebook Lives

Weekly Facebook Lives to deepen your understanding, receive feedback and be celebrated.

Optional 1-2-1 coaching

Two optional 90 minute, transformational 1-2-1 sessions to support your journey

I'm just very grateful. Impressed with this quality of service, the generosity, the friendliness, the warmth. This space has given me way more than I hoped for. It has changed me for ever, and it is most definitely on the top 3 of the wisest financial investments I have ever made in myself this lifetime. 100% over the moon satisfied customer here. And then some.

Wish Tree Sister

The 1-2-1 call was truly grounding for me. It put all doubt to rest. It feels very empowering. Now I can move forward with a very essential inner clarity in place.

Wish Tree Sister

It is great to be in community with people who are at different stages on their journey, yet all sharing a commitment to doing the work needed for radical transformation.

Wish Tree Sister

Emily, you are truly one of the best coaches I have ever worked with (and I have worked with many). Your ability to hold space, ask the right questions, and provide just the right amount of prodding and support are awesome!

Wish Tree Sister

In a sacred, trusting circle, strangers can come together and bond from their hearts. That this connection will not be broken wherever we go in life. It's super powerful, and it's created with, and in love. There are like-hearted sisters who really see and understand me. They have witnessed my darkness and my illumination, as I have theirs.

Wish Tree Sister

I feel so connected to my foundations of who I truly am and that it is safe for me to be really seen now. I now know that when I share me - the authentic me - in my life and business, people will see me and share themselves too. There is no more hiding or perfecting, I can truly be who I am on this planet. When you step forward from this place of love, the impact and energy spreads far and wide, like ripples through the water. The love is real. From the very depths of my heart and people will see and feel that too.

Wish Tree Sister

The support Emily gave was so wonderful, I was held and supported along every step of the programme. More surprisingly was the total loving and inspiring support from the rest of my sisters on the GTU journey. I have never been part of an all-female group and if I'm honest it was something I really was unsure about, but my fears and doubts were totally unfounded. The support I received was so beautiful in so many ways, we shared so many healing opportunities.

I could explore really painful and scary life experiences and come out the other side of this process with really meaningful stories that I can share with others and that I will use to build and support my heart-led business.

The biggest difference is having the tools to support my work around my impact and core message. Before the GTU programme, I truly had no idea about my impact or core message, they were things I hadn't even thought about in all honesty. Now I understand that I must have real clarity around these things in order to support my ideal clients and build my business.


Get Trued Up is the right programme for you if:


  • You are a Healer, Coach, Wellbeing Facilitator, Conscious Leader, Creative, Activist or Change-maker wanting to make a bigger difference, serve with integrity, and receive more abundantly at this time
  • Maybe you are reassessing what your service is all about or who you are as a leader and space-holder
  • Maybe you have already started a Heart-led business but you don’t know how to grow it
  • Feel curious and excited about having clarity around your message and mission in the world
  • You want to attract committed clients who light you up
  • You want to serve from a place of peace, joy and freedom! 

You will journey with a group of like-hearted souls who find themselves at a similar point on their path as you. 

The circle is kept small so that we can connect more deeply with each other and so that each person can be seen and held fully.

Our space is grounded in unconditional love.

Unconditional love is what brings us home to love, enables us to receive ourselves in our fullness and say yes to our bigger purpose in this lifetime.

“Alignment is speaking the language of our business fluently.
And it is also making feeling good a priority”


Get Trued Up has been created from my soul’s purpose to yours.


It is my deepest honour to serve you as a sister on your path of embracing the peace, joy and freedom of a life and business anchored in the truth of who you are.


I can’t wait to welcome you into our loving space, and for you to discover how beautiful and magnificent you really are!

As soon as the course overview of Get Trued Up came into my consciousness, I felt drawn and compelled to find out more and sign up. It is one of the best decisions I ever made, it turns the soul is never wrong! Each week I was expertly guided by Emily on an exploration of my limiting beliefs, business and status as an authentic leader. 

The structure of the course allowed the space for me to transform in ways I did not even know were imaginable as I went from being somebody overwhelmed, fearful who hid from the needs of my business, to somebody inspired, courageous and filled with abundance in my life and business. 

There was also the extra bonus of having the loving support of the sisters going along the journey with me. I am now clear on my values, life purpose and core message and every decision I now make for my business are in line with this. I am now filled with excitement and faith that my business will be a life fulfilling success. 

Leanne Evans
coached with leanne / live your wildest dreams sisterhood

“The world can no longer stand being deprived of the true you”



Number of participants who feel clearer, to a high or very high extent, about their Life Purpose, Ideal Client & Impact as a result of completing this programme


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