Hi my friend,

So this week I am writing about my 4 Essential Keys to a flourishing heart-led business in 2018.

If you missed my first Key, Focus, you can take a look here.

What I suggested in that message was that in order to truly focus on what we want and take aligned action, we need to declutter our physical, mental and emotional space, which involves clearing out messy corners of our house, reviewing the relationships we have in our lives, as well as allowing ourselves to forgive ourselves and others (e.g. embrace unconditional love).  [Learn more here]

Today I’m introducing my second Key: Grounding

Just like Focus, there is a lot to Grounding.

Firstly, Grounding is necessary in times of transition, clearing, healing and expansion.

And many of us are in transition right now, as we have just begun a new year.

We are shedding layers, healing our past and clearing the way for the bigger version of us that is emerging so we can shine brighter.

And in order to support that process, Grounding is key.

If this is the kind of Grounding you feel you need right now, here are some of my top tips:

  • Connect with Nature. Trees, natural objects, shells, stones, crystals, wood, animals, the Earth, the Sea. Place your feet on the ground (if not too cold). Spend time with your hands on a tree, visualising the roots that grow deep into the ground. Breathe deeply as you follow the energy of these ‘earth-branches’ into the Earth.
  • Drink plenty of water, bathe (add natural salts to your bath)
  • Chant Kundalini mantras related to our Root Chakra
  • Rest and sleep when you need to
  • Practise gentle Yin Yoga

However, there is also another, but very much related, type of Grounding that I want to talk about today, that is also essential if we are to make our vision for the year ahead a reality.

It is a type of Grounding practice I’d like to call
The here and now practice 
and it is linked to our sense of safety and security (root chakra).

In essence, it means that once we have completed visioning our Dream business and committed to it – listen to this – committed to it, made it non-negotiable – we need to get down to business.

We take responsibility for our own success. 

This may seem obvious, but for many of us, it isn’t.

Sometimes it is far easier to see the big beautiful vision, but we fail to act in the here and now, taking small steps each day to reach our goal, because

– We fall into a victim mindset, not believing that we have a choice in how we create and experience our lives

– Sometimes a REALLY big vision, radically different from our life today – can paralyse us or send us into a state of confusion because our gremlins go running riot at the mere thought of it

– Perhaps we become impatient – we want our big vision to become a reality tomorrow, without fully understanding that building a business from the ground requires dedication and a willingness to start where we are at and build from there.

Taking action in the here and now, step-by-step, may involve doing work we don’t love for money so that we can eventually do work we adore for money – for example taking a part-time job that pays the bills and gives us money to invest in mentoring, materials or marketing whilst we build our business sustainably.

Committing to our vision may mean decluttering and healing unhelpful stories we’ve made up about ourselves, our worthiness and about not being enough.

Taking inspired action every day may involve learning how to create a client attraction lead-magnet (we all need them!) in order to offer intimate spaces where people can connect with us and build enough trust with us to buy a programme from us.

And it may involve learning more about how social media or different helpful types of software work, and lots of other things too.

The point is, to manifest our dream heart-led business we need to build from the bottom up, all the way up to that blue-sky image we have pictured in our mind’s eye.

Yes, at times it will be challenging, late nights and all, but since we have made our goal non-negotiable, we will find the energy and time to do it, no matter what our circumstances are.

As Lisa Nichols says in her most recent book: ‘Abundance NOW’:

“Becoming non-negotiable [also] means that “really wanting” your goal isn’t enough either. When you’re not 100% committed, you still have an out – that is the chance of stopping or becoming unfocused because you haven’t taken other options off the table.”

So grounding ourselves in our big vision is essential if we are to create our abundant future.

And in the process of committing to our vision in this way, focusing on it, removing distractions and unhelpful stories about ourselves, we also shift our mindset about our current situation.

Instead of placing our attention on what we don’t have (scarcity) it could be not enough money, skills, qualifications, premises, materials etc. instead, we focus on what we DO have. And we focus on the very next step:

What can I do right now to bring more money into my life?

– What do I need to learn right now to take the first step on my journey of launching or growing my business?

We instantly come into a place of abundance and resourcefulness, which in turn will fuel us to do what it takes to move forward.

So today, in the name of Grounding, I am going to invite you to sit with the following questions:

– How committed am I to my vision? Have I made it non-negotiable? Have a truly Decided? How do I know? 

[If you haven’t yet created a vision, you can use this exercise]

– If I was to employ the here and now practice, what would I do today?

Now list all the things you know already about building a business and all the skills, super-powers and passion you are bringing with you into your business.

Then appreciate them all.

Look at how abundant you are!

Right now.

My wish for you in 2018 is to create a truly Abundant Heart-led Business – is it yours too?

With my love,