Hello beautiful,

How’s it going this week?

Have you been practising showing up in your heart-led business? Have you been feeling the roller-coaster?

If you missed the Facebook Live event: “Showing up fully: embracing our Divine Worth to serve Higher” last Friday, you can still catch the replay over in our conscious community Time to Shine!

This week we are practising Kyle Gray’s Process for Holding the Light. 

Holding the Light is all about helping us to stay in a high vibe through the ups and downs of the ascension that our heart-led business asks of us. 

As we already know, our heart-led business is the most incredible vessel for self-transformation, not only for our clients but for us too!

Anything that is not yet healed will reveal itself on our journeys of stepping up and out. On our journeys of allowing ourselves to embrace our joy and to be seen, as our true selves.

Being able to hold the Light through that process will be of great support to us.

Because our ability to hold the Light will be what helps us get clear on our vision, mission, and purpose.

It will be what helps us attract our ideal clients, and create an abundant life doing what makes our soul sing.

But Holding the Light also helps us to anticipate miracles instead of disasters.

When we are preoccupied with our fear of rejection and belief that we are not enough, we are anticipating the worst – that our dreams will not come true. 

What would it be like to be embracing the joy of the wonderful things that you are calling into your life, instead of spending energy on what could go wrong?

I for one, know that it feels way different when we anticipate miracles. That’s how I built the Wish Tree Academy for you.

That’s how the Wish Tree Academy went from being a seed in my heart to an ever-expanding heart-led business helping people, just like you, to know that you are enough, to let go of the story of fear that owns you, to embrace your purpose and power and shine brighter. 

So, are you ready to practise holding the Light?

Thought so!

The Holding the Light process has three elements to it.

All elements help us to embrace self-love. 

Loving ourselves more, of course, means shining brighter. 

Continuing from our Perfectionism Detox Challenge the other week (you can still join in!), the first element of the process of holding the light is Cleansing. 

Mantra: “I AM the keeper of my mind and my body”

This means that we are in charge of and TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for our actions, how we choose to treat ourselves.

The idea of cleansing invites us to go deeper with the question of “where am I not showing up for myself?”

In what ways am I not showing up for my mind? (e.g. not nourishing my mind)

In what ways am I not showing up for my body? (e.g. not nourishing my body)

?Patterns of behaviour, numbing
?Low vibe people, relationships, places, situations, choices
will I need to let go of? [Including Perfectionism! ?]

Overall, what needs to change/die?

I invite you to go deep with these questions. If you are somebody who has great routines, has left a life of drama behind you and is generally being kind to your mind and body, go one layer deeper. 

For example, in honour of this work, I went to a womb healing circle on Monday night. The womb is where our power lies, our pure creativity lives, it is where the Divine Feminine resides. If we have grief, shame, and unhealed trauma, also ancestral, lodged in this space, we are not living our full potential, we are not showing up fully. (By the way, it doesn’t matter if your physical womb is no longer there, you still have one energetically).

During the transformational session, breathing, meditating, moving with a group of women of all ages, I experienced some deep releases with big tears, letting go of wounds caused by patriarchal suppression, fear of rejection embedded in my lineage, grief, and trauma from my own personal journey of trying to become a mother.

Afterwards, I was exhausted. 

Have you ever experienced deep transformation in a short space of time?

If you have, you’ll know that it’s a process of allowing the energy to move through us. Perhaps you even facilitate this kind of transformation yourself?

After a day of feeling wiped out, I have emerged with my heart more open and my whole body feeling lighter. 

Some detox I’d say!

So my invitation is to go deeper, and deeper still, in your cleanse.

The second part of Holding the Light is 
* Tone
and the final part is 
* Moisturise

These two steps help us to tune our energy high-vibe as we practise self-love and energetic boundary setting. If you want to learn more about these beautiful practises (disguised as a skin regime so we will remember!), head over to Time to Shine! 

Talk about preparing for an abundant heart-led business!

Enjoy the shifts.

I can’t wait to connect with you,

With my Love,