I See You, I Share Me

How to market yourself without marketing yourself

With Emily Johnsson, The Wish Tree Academy

When I started the Wish Tree Academy in 2016, over a relatively short period of time I was able to attract thousands of people into my network.


Whereas many other people in the online world were struggling with facebook ads and messaging, I was using a single message to attract hundreds of people to watch my webinars, like my posts and send me messages saying that they felt as though I knew exactly how they were feeling. As though I was in their minds. As though I knew them inside-out.

What was I doing that was enabling all of this, my clients asked me?

I was helping people feel seen.

When people feel seen your offering become relevant to them.

There was something else I was doing too. I was sharing of myself authentically.

Sharing of myself in ways that helped people get close to me and understand that I too am an imperfect human being with an imperfect past.

Sharing myself enabled human-to-human, heart to heart connection to unfold.

By sharing myself I had given people the opportunity to connect with my humanity. To love my humanity.

This programme will take you on a journey to discover your own humanity, your own hidden wisdom and the love you have for the people you want to reach.
It will help you learn, practise and embody the essential mindsets, tools, and techniques that will help you connect with your perfect dream clients.


Work at your own pace. Secure login to the Wish Tree Academy course page


High impact, high quality learning videos which you can watch when it suits you

13 Powerful Modules

13 powerful, structured modules. Ability to track your progress to keep your learning organised 


Comprehensive workbooks to help make your learning visible and effective

I see you, I share me is a toolbox for heart-led communication to call in the right clients for you.


It is a ground-breaking self-study programme that will help you learn more about:


  • How to create inspiring and engaging heart-to- heart social media, blog, video and email content
  • How to structure your posts and stories that help your ideal clients feel seen
  • How to create campaigns across your FB, Instagram to attract people into your community
  • How to create engagement in your FB group
  • The difference between different kinds of posts (informational, transformational, inspirational, motivational)
  • How to qualify your ideal clients in social media posts so they know you are speaking to them
  • How to find inspiration for posts in every-day life

Resources include:


  • ‘Behind the scenes’- videos of my social media campaigns sharing with you exactly how I work
  • Templates and examples
  • Sentence stems to get you started with writing and speaking
  • Templates for FB lives