Hello my Beautiful Friend,

As I’m sure you’ve already gathered, I’m doing a lot of reflecting right now on how I want to run Wish Tree moving forward, and what I want to be at the heart of my business.

I recommend you do the same from time to time!

Yesterday, I facilitated a group coaching call with my beautiful community of Spiritual coaches, Healers and Wellbeing facilitators – all part of my pride and joy: the Workshop Blueprint Programme. During the 2 1/2 hours we spent together on the call, we experienced everything from courageous sharing of story and tender emotional states, as well as questions around how we create the perfect workshop for our ideal clients.

There were tears, there was laughter, stillness, silence, creativity, connection, curiosity and sisterhood.

All of this was made possible in one call (and no, we didn’t even see each other) because of our carefully crafted Agreement of Trust – grounded in unconditional love – that makes the space safe and provides the foundation for transformation, and because of how we all chose to show up with each other.

Whether we facilitate online or live in a Transformational Workshop, the role of Intimacy in how we run our purpose-driven business cannot be underestimated.

Intimacy as in vulnerability.
Intimacy as in sharing story.
Intimacy as in I see you. Truly, deeply see you.
Intimacy as in being fully present with another human being, breathing together, feeling together, moving together in the dance of transformation.
Intimacy as in tuning into another and listening beyond the words.
Intimacy as spending time together in silence, without the need to fill it with questions, reflections or advice.
Intimacy as in I have your back. You are held and supported.

Intimacy as in – humanity.

I would not be able to run my transformational coaching business with integrity today if I hadn’t placed intimacy at the heart of what I do, right from the start.

But placing intimacy – and therefore transformation – at the heart of everything I do in my business, whether my coaching, workshops or in my writing, also tells a story about my Ideal Clients: people who are willing to go deep so that they can serve higher.

Willing to step into the intimate space I offer and allow themselves to be seen there, because they know on a deep level that that is the first step on the journey to allowing themselves to be seen by others in a bigger, more authentic way, outside of our beautiful community.

Whether that is by their own ideal clients, the world or a partner.

They chose me as their coach because they were longing for someone to go there with them.

Because part of them had already decided that now is the time to shine, now is the time to step into their higher purpose, to serve bigger, bolder, more tenderly.

And they knew that in order to do that, they needed a space to transform. A space of intimacy.

This space of intimacy grounded in unconditional love is who I am. That is my Soul’s purpose.

To be Love.

(And that is of course in reality who we ALL are at our core)

And Love is at the heart of intimacy.
And healing can only happen from Love.
Without intimacy, there is no real transformation.
Shifts yes, possibly in perspectives and possibly in beliefs, but true transformation only happens when a healing takes place.

I too have had to lean into the sharp edges of my once-resistance to intimacy, so that I could find my way home to Love. To let go of fear and remember my true nature.

And that is a journey that never ends.

So my invitation this week is for us all to consider the following questions together:

– What role does intimacy play in my purpose-driven business?

-What, if any, resistance shows up when I think of the possibility of creating even more intimate spaces for people’s healing and transformation?

-What would including more intimacy in my business look like?

-What will I need to let go of or embrace in order for that to be possible?

Give yourself a hug for being brave and asking yourself these questions.

Well done!

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

With My Love,