This week is interesting.

It’s interesting because it is full of contrasts.

Life is in general full of contrasts, isn’t it? and that is part of what makes it interesting!

Yet, the most common excuse to not moving forward, taking action, stepping up and stepping out I hear in my work as a coach, is often the phrase “life gets in my way”.

The thing is this. Life doesn’t get in the way.
Life is LIFE.
Full of contrast.

In the 12 years that I have been working for myself, I have experienced everything from separations, moving countries, deaths, trauma, grief, and health problems.

Yes, it’s absolutely important to honour our need to rest, recover and heal from traumatic events. And at the same time, we must not let life’s contrasts get in our way.

If we all waited for the perfect moment to do our most impactful, purposeful work, it would never be done, and the world would be

When we run our own business, it waits for nobody and nothing – life still goes on with all its ups and downs.

So it’s about finding a way to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the storm to pass.

Many times what has kept me going through the toughest and roughest times has been my strong sense of purpose.

And that is precisely why I believe that being firmly anchored in purpose makes us more resilient, whatever life throws at us.

And that is also why Life Purpose work is one of the key elements I help people with in my programmes.

Yes, it’s true that when we become more authentic, the drama that used to consume our energies gradually disappear, but there will always be challenges.

What’s crucial is to not allow those challenges to stop you from stepping out and stepping up TO SHINE YOUR LIGHT.

Not to allow them to stop you from creating ABUNDANCE in your life. The abundance you deserve.

Are you dancing in the rain or letting life get in the way?

Are you longing for a safe space to explore what is holding you back from moving forward?

If you are, head over to Time to Shine! to find out more about our loving and powerful community of Lightworkers.

Let’s get you taking action with grace and ease, whatever your circumstances,

With My Love