Hello my friend,

How are you doing this week?

Have you been feeling the effects of the shifts into spring? The Pink Full Moon? Been tired, grumpy, or feeling a bit lost lately?

You are NOT alone! (hop over to our free beautiful Time to Shine! community and you will know).

I’ve had a huge amount of old energy “drawn out of me” in the past 10 days. It’s been exhausting, but amazing! I now feel more focused and clearer than ever and finding myself in a creative surge.

Today I’m designing a workshop for my Mastermind students and really finding myself considering: what is THE number one thing that we MUST know in our heart-led business?

Is it business models? marketing? accounting? social media strategies?

Whilst ALL of those are things we will eventually need to know about in a successful business, none of them will work if we don’t know this: OURSELVES.

Yes! Ourselves. 

Recently I wrote to you about how ‘the how’ of our business can often get in the way of us moving forward, how it can block ‘our why’ [read the full blog post: No clue where to start with your heart-led business?]. I suggested that how to run a business is all stuff that we can easily learn about if we put our mind to it and say yes to a good mentor or three.

What we can’t have someone else tell us about, however, is our own truth.

Let’s face it, in our heart-led business we ARE the business. We are not offering “a thing”, we are offering ourselves.

So if we are feeling unsure about who we are and what we’re about, what we truly want to offer the world, what our core message is, then chances are that we are not moving forward very fast, or even at all.

Learning social media strategies and business models will ONLY be useful to us when we truly know what our message is and what we are here to be and do, and who we are meant to serve.

To know ourselves means deep inner work. Healing work. Purpose work. Visioning work. Heart-opening work.

We might think at first glance that this has nothing to do with our business, but in reality, it has EVERYTHING to do with it.

[Note to self: step away from the webinars and into a space of internal reflection]

Simply leading with our skills won’t work if we are to truly step out and up and make a greater difference in this world and create a successful heart-led business.

That means that we need to get clear on what it is we truly help people with, the impact we want to have, rather than simply offering “coaching”, “Reiki”, or “crystal healing” for example.

What are those skills for? What difference do they make to people’s lives when you use them?

If we are not clear on our core message and purpose, we won’t be able to communicate very well with our tribe. In fact, we often may not even really know who “our tribe” is…

And if we don’t know who our tribe is, we don’t have a business.



Saying yes to knowing yourself (even) more is, therefore, the point where everything starts shifting. And the journey towards your abundant business, your abundant life, your joy, begins.

Not sure what your core message is? Your impact or your tribe?

Feeling confused about where you’re heading?

The Wish Tree Academy offers you as a coach, healer, wellbeing facilitator, a loving space to create, launch and grow your abundant heart-led business in alignment with the true you.

Here you will find a range of programmes teaching you cutting-edge business know-how, as well as supporting your inner healing.

Excited to support you!

With Love,