Hello dear you!

Over the past month, and even more rapidly over the past few days, I feel as though I’m surfing one great big wave of synchronicity. I have found myself being delivered to the right people, at precisely the right time so that I can either learn or let go more deeply or both.

Have you ever felt this way?

I am still processing so much heart core stuff, but I promise I will be sharing my stories with you when they are more coherent and ready to be told.

Exciting times.

So, apart from sharing with you about what is going on with me shedding layers and all that, I wanted to give you another golden take-away from my time in L.A.

And this time it’s from Michael Neill, who is an experienced and well known coach, and the Hay House author of the bestselling book ‘The Inside-Out Revolution’.

What he decided to speak about at Evercoach was his take on Coaching.

What grabbed me about Michael’s talk was that he focused on (what I interpreted as) the spiritual side of coaching, which I know might interest you.

Michael described coaching as a force of LOVING DISRUPTION in people’s lives.

The loving side being almost like a grandmother’s warm embrace, the disruptive side bringing warrior compassion to the table.

The disruption enabled by the Compassionate Warrior is about being prepared to poke the bear, or to go there, to compassionately dig deep and not be afraid of the discomfort, the big powerful questions, observations and the space itself that require courage, presence, humility and honesty from us. And Love.

Indeed, Michael Neill believes that if we as Coaches and Wellbeing Facilitators can intentionally, over time (as we commit to Mastery being something that takes time) be a Transformative Presence in our clients lives, we will be able to get to a place of truth with them.

A truth of who they are beyond beliefs or mindsets.

When our clients get to know the truth of who they are, they see themselves and their lives differently, which in turn means they will do their lives differently.

And ultimately, what our clients want is doing things differently, because doing things differently means a different life experience – a life of aliveness – when in alignment with truth.

Sounds about right?

Ok. So how about checking in with ourselves this week on how we feel about Michael Neill’s take on Coaching!

Let’s take a moment to sit with the following questions:

If Coaching is Loving Disruption, to what extent am I being the Loving part but less of the Disruptor or vice versa? Why might that be?

To what extent do I seek to be a Transformative Presence in people’s lives, and what does that look like in practise?

To what extent do people get to experience the truth of who they are when I work with them? Or do I mainly focus on identifying and shifting beliefs or mindsets?

How would I like to work if I had a choice?

What aspects of my coaching/support am I curious about developing?

Take a moment to sit with each question and feel into what is right for you at this moment in time. Make some notes, talk about what came up for you with another helping professional if that feels right for you.

Congratulate yourself on taking time to feel into some big questions.

Wishing you a great weekend!

With Love,

PS. Over the next week I will be sending you golden nuggets from my take-aways from the Evercoach Summit, so keep an eye out for my emails! xx