Hello dearest,

The inner work that we do as part of creating, launching, and growing our heart-led business stands in direct proportion to its success. That’s why most of my messages to you focus on supporting your healing, transformation, and growth as a Leader of Light in this world.

As the Wish Tree Academy is 2 years old this month we are celebrating by feeling into what it means to know, embrace, and live our purpose, and to unleash our light.

The process of embracing our purpose is, in truth, a journey of seeing ourselves deeply – that inner diamond – and owning it. It’s seeing ourselves and loving what we see! Shining brighter means loving ourselves more.

I believe that us Lightworkers are not only coming to a place on our journeys where we are beginning to acknowledge our inner diamonds more, but we are also getting clearer and clearer on our visions. Our Big Visions. And our Big Visions are speaking to us right now:

Have you got my back? Are you ready to hold me?

In order for our Big Visions to be manifested, they need us to let go of any remaining fear-based patterns of behaviour that are still lurking around and which may have made themselves known to you in the past couple of weeks.

Perhaps you have been engaging in negative thought loops of late? Perhaps you have been saying yes when you mean no, or making unhealthy choices? Or maybe you have felt the need to push through even when your body has been needing rest?

I believe that our Big Visions are calling us to wise up about these fear-based patterns, as they dim our light and create roadblocks on our path of living our highest purpose.

[To learn more about just how sneaky fear can be, head over to our Facebook community Time to Shine! and check out the FB Live I did last night]

Let’s remember that fear is an addiction, and as with every addiction we need to place an intervention between our impulse to engage in our unhelpful pattern, and the action of doing it – if we want to let go of it.

I call it being a Loving Disruptor in our own lives.

The Loving Disruptor in you is the part of you that observes your destructive patterns but doesn’t judge them.

The Loving Disruptor in you is the part of you that is willing to call fear out, the part of you who is courageous enough to say ”No more!”.

The Loving Disruptor in you intervenes the moment you are about to say yes when you mean no, when you are about to make an unhealthy choice, to go down the negative thought loop, to push through when you need rest…

She is fiercely committed to the unleashing of your light!

If we are not deeply connected with our Loving Disruptor we do not have a heart-led business, we have a fear-based business. And a fear-based business does not manifest any Big Visions.

A fear-based business does not unleash light in the world, does not create abundance, does not give us joy…

So we need our Loving Disruptor, and we need to hear her.

And that’s why today I invite you, me, our whole community to sit with:

*What does the voice of your Loving Disruptor sound like?

*What does she say?

*What fear-based patterns does she want to call out?

*What Loving Disruptive behaviour does she put in place to interrupt your fear-based patterns?

Wanting to let go of unhelpful patterns of behaviour and finally move forward with your heart-led business?

Head over to the Wish Tree Academy to find out how our programmes can help.

With my love and commitment to your heart-led journey,