Hi dear friend,

How are you doing?

I’m back in the UK since a couple of weeks and I have been re-grouping. BIG TIME.

Perhaps you are in the process of re-grouping too?

Lots of things are in the making at Wish Tree and the new MD is up and running! YAY.

I am already feeling more supported and grounded as a result.

In the past week, two key things happened:

1. I secured £6.5K through two heart-led sales conversations
2. Almost every coaching conversation I had was about money.

This led me to do a Facebook Live in our free Facebook group Time to Shine! on The Divine Feminine and Financial Abundance on Monday evening, create a new training module for my Mastermind Students and write these words to you!

Last night I had the news that one of my beautiful Mastermind Students just secured over 4k in her first month of graduating from the Workshop Blueprint Programme.

More YAY!


It truly seems as if money is in the air! Everywhere I look people are talking about money.

Have you noticed this too?

Why money right now? we may ask.

Could it be because Nature is waking up around us and springing into spring, reminding us of how rich and vibrant it is?

Is it that the energy of the New Moon over the weekend has prompted us to shed layers and rise up?

The season and moon aside, I believe that we find ourselves in a time where every bit of “old debris” that has been holding us back from shining brighter is being brought to light.

Not only can we witness this in society as a whole, but inside ourselves too.

Once we say yes to the Light, we say yes to the Mess – remember? (to learn more about this, read the blog post with the same name).

Interestingly, money is one of those topics that can really help us get clear on old patterns that still live inside us.

As we join the bigger, collective journey from Fear to Love, the Money Conversation can truly be a great ‘way in’ to get super clear and focused on what’s been blocking our path to living from a higher vibration.

Fear has been at the heart of the patriarchy. And scarcity comes from fear: fear on not being enough, loveable enough, and fear of not having enough.

In the patriarchy, hierarchies, separation, conquer and divide have all been the norm. The only way to get ahead in the patriarchy, we have learnt, is to compete, and vulnerability has been seen as a weakness. Scarcity has become our default position, a way of life.

As women, we have been taught to hustle for belonging through giving, we have lived by the mantra “I give, therefore I am”.

But when we give in order to feed a wound of “not enough” inside us, we give from a place of fear.

Maybe you know what that feels like?

As we usher in the era of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, we are learning a radically new way of being: being Love.

As each of us decide to choose Love, we co-create the era of connection, of collaboration, of inclusion, of oneness.

There is a clue in the word Divine – right? When we acknowledge the Divine in us, we acknowledge that we are Love!

We acknowledge that we are children of this Universe. This beautiful, abundant, expansive, limitless Universe.

To me, Abundance simply means Love, wholeness, knowing that we are enough, complete, just as we are, in this moment. It means limitlessness and endless possibilities.

And when we know that we are abundant we attract abundance in all its forms. Like attracts like.

So the first thing we have to get clear on if we want to attract more money into our lives is: to what extent do I truly believe that I am abundant, just as I am, right now?

The stories we tell ourselves about our worthiness, lovability, are stories of scarcity we made up once upon a time.

Most likely we picked these stories up when we were young and internalised them as gospel.

Perhaps they aren’t even our stories; perhaps the story of “not enough”was our parents or ancestors story about themselves. These stories are not in service to us. They leave us broke, broken and anxious. They leave us leading our lives from a lower vibration.

Although they seem real, they are an illusion, because as children of the Universe we cannot be anything else but abundant!

Once we get clear on our illusion we can begin to create new stories, helpful stories, and begin our healing journey from fear and scarcity, home, to Love.

I believe that practising radical gratitude is an essential part of that healing process. Our abundance frequency literally skyrockets the more appreciative we feel about our whole lives, also the challenging bits.

To learn more about the practise of Radical Gratitude, click here.

The other aspect that we need to get clear on if we want to attract more financial wellbeing into our lives, are our stories around money.

When I was growing up, I learnt that being financially wealthy means you must somehow be unethical, and that money was a bad thing, the root of evil.

I didn’t know what I now understand, and that is that money is a neutral energy and a tool that can be used for love or in fear, just like everything else.

When we use or pursue money from a place of fear and scarcity, we will act greedily, and there will never be enough, no matter how much money we get (because deep down we ourselves are still feeling that we are not enough).

Money alone will never make us happy or peaceful in our hearts. Money will never be able to fix our feeling of not being enough.

But I now know that when I don’t worry or feel anxious about money, I can show up from a place of true service, not attached to whether people will buy my coaching packages, or not. I can show up with presence, as I am not chasing anything or worrying about how my bills will be paid.

I can show up from a vibration of joy and expansion because I am able to grow through experiences that money fund.

Being supported through money means I raise my vibration and I surrender to my Divine Feminine.

Because the Divine Feminine is all about receiving. Under the patriarchy we believed we had to give, give, give in order to be enough, please in order to belong. Now it’s time to receive!

The third aspect I believe we must get clear on if we are to attract more financial abundance into our lives is what we will use it for.

In short, make a precise list of what more money in your life will fund. If you notice that the list only includes things or experiences that will benefit only you, chances are you are still coming from a place of scarcity. If this is the case, circle back to downloading the stories you tell yourself about yourself.

Your list will help you tune into your values, what’s important to you, and it will help you tune into your joy too, what lights you up.

When we use money as a tool from a place of love and joy, we make sure that we are properly supported and we include other people, animals and the planet too in our wish list.

As we take this collective shift towards a New paradigm, anchored in the Divine Feminine and Masculine, we are shifting from ME to WE.

So today, I am going to invite you to sit with the following questions:

1. To what extent do I believe I AM abundant right now?

2. What do I believe about money? Growing up, what did I learn about money?

3. What do I want to attract more money for? Make a list and make sure to include other people and the planet!

Want to learn how to shift your money behaviours and actually earn more money doing work you love? Listen to the video here

With my Love and commitment to your heart-led journey,