Hello Dear Friend!

I am high up in the Sky when I am writing these words to you! YES.

On the plane to L.A on my way to meet the magnificent global leader, powerful and transformational coach Lisa Nichols.

I wanted to write to you about MOVEMENT whilst being in motion.

Movement is my 4th and final Essential Key for a Flourishing Heart-driven business in 2018.

If you missed any of the other keys you can learn about them here:


The vision we created at the start of our year is what supports our purpose, the de-cluttering we’ve done to find our FOCUS that left us lighter, the commitment we have found in GROUNDING and the healing that RADICAL GRATITUDE brings, takes us to a place in our journey where movement, action, is inevitable.

Procrastination simply has no place when the past is no longer holding us back, and we have made our best life non-negotiable.

Barbara De Angelis once said:

“Fear leads us to believe that where we are at is safe and going forward is a risk. But the truth is that we are always at risk when we are standing still. At risk of stagnating. But more importantly, at risk of missing out on our destiny.”

And missing out on our destiny really isn’t an option – is it?

I don’t know about you, but the “exposing the lies”- exercise, e.g. downloading our negative mind chatter and transmuting it to positive affirmations, we have been working on together in our beautiful Facebook community Time to Shine! enables the energy of movement to emerge.

It’s when we finally move, take action, that our life starts shifting, changing. And it feels like MAGIC.

And it is because all of a sudden we realize that all that was holding us back in the first place was ourselves.

That our abundant self and life was always there, waiting for us.

We had just forgotten.

Remembering is, therefore, a key part of taking action.

The Yin energy is what helps us to remember who we are. Who we BE.

Helps us remember that we are Limitless, so we can move.

The Yang energy is what helps us to remember to DO.

We need both energies to step into our Abundant, Limitless selves.

Movement in a heart-led business is also about creating a MOVEMENT.

A movement is a bit like a revolution!

Knowing you, yours would be a revolution of the heart – right?

For that to be possible, we have to lead by example.

A movement involving hundreds or thousands of people starts with us. That’s how Authentic Leaders roll.

And that is what my vision is for my service to you.

My intention with our beautiful Facebook community Time to Shine! And by taking you with me on my adventure with Lisa Nichols.

By sharing my joy as well as my pain with you.

By stepping up and out and letting you know that that is available for you too.

So today, I am asking you:

What small (or Big) action steps are you taking, every day, in the direction of your dream heart-led business?

What are you aware of that still keeps you still or moving in slow motion?

What are you curious about, about your resistance?

If you were to create a MOVEMENT in the world, what kind of movement would it be?

Once you have sat with these questions I am going to invite you to get moving physically: walking, dancing, swimming, running, stretching, jumping, cycling, tapping – whatever you are drawn to.

Just move!

And as you move, listen inward to what your body knows about movement and moving, and what it wants you to know about your resistance.

Listen carefully.

Take a pause to breathe and jot down some notes in your journal.

What will you DO next?

Let us know by posting your learnings in Time to Shine!

With my Love & commitment to your journey,