Hello beautiful,

How’s it going this week?

Oh my goodness! SO much transformation happening right now, I am sure you can feel it too.

Over the past weeks, our Wish Tree tribe have been digging deep to Detox from Perfectionism and to learn how to Hold the Light so that we can show up in our heart-led business with confidence, clarity, and focus.

Holding the Light is all about helping us to stay in a high vibe through the ups and downs of the ascension that our heart-led business asks of us. 

* It helps us to cleanse from everything that no longer serves us. That includes the people, places, situations, foods, pastimes, that are keeping us stuck in a lower vibration.

* It helps us to tune (tone!) into and embrace our Soul selves, reminding ourselves of the truth of who we are, and it helps us to set healthy energetic boundaries (moisturise). 

If you haven’t yet taken part in these healing processes, just head over to our beautiful Facebook community Time to Shine! and get stuck in.

During the past month, I have been writing a lot about our journey and sharing a number of posts, mantras, quotes, and blogs about the shifts that are currently taking place amongst Lightworkers.

There is one post that is currently going viral.

Perhaps you have already seen it.

It’s a mantra I created for our Perfectionism Detox Challenge and it goes 

“Nothing to prove, no one to please.”

To date, it has reached 20 000 people, been shared 212 times and liked by over 900 people.

This tells me that Nothing to prove, no one to please
speaks to a wounded part in so many of us that is wanting to be brought to light at this time.

A part of us that is tired of hiding. A part of us that wants to be free.

A part of us that is wanting to heal once and for all, so that we can bring forth our greatest work.

It’s the part of us that has been running on fear of not being enough, rather than knowing our Divine Worth, running from the story that we have made up, that we are not valuable enough, just as we are. That it is not safe to be our true selves. 

It’s that wounded part of us which has created a life of fitting in, shutting up, dimming our light for the illusion of ‘belonging’. 

When we allow ourselves remember who we truly are, when we detox from our addiction to what other people may think of us, we are truly free to create a breathtaking life and bring our gifts to the world.

A life where we are aligned, congruent with our purpose, mission, and message.

A life where we have nothing to prove.

A life where we have no one to please.

To me, this is the ultimate form of autonomy -the right condition for self-government.

So my invitation today is this:

What does: 

*Nothing to prove, no one to please bring up for you?

* Where are you still proving, pleasing, perfecting, pretending?

* With whom?

(I invite you to ask yourself this question even if you have taken part in the Perfectionism Detox Challenge)

* What is the old story about your worthiness that still owns you?

* What new story do you want to live by?

If you are longing for a life where you feel free to create, share and live your purpose, a life where you create your heart-led business truly from a place of love, rather than fear what others might think, then it’s time for us to speak.

Book in your conscious conversation right now.

I love speaking to people who are ready to shine brighter and are willing to do the work, and if that’s you – let’s get on the phone.

I can’t wait to connect with you,

With my Love, always

PS. If you missed the Facebook Live event: “Showing up fully: embracing our Divine Worth to serve Higher”, you can still catch the replay over in our loving community Time to Shine!