Hi there beautiful friend,

How’s it all going this week?

Things are moving fast here at Wish Tree!

Big news is that the Wish Tree website is going to have an extreme makeover (Wohoo!), a brand new Wish Tree communication model is in the making (Whoop whoop!) and last week I was in London with my INCREDIBLE Mastermind: a sisterhood of inspiring women from the Wish Tree Community, spanning different cultures, languages and stories, united from the inside-out by unwavering dedication to shining brighter and leading from Love.

It truly is an honour and privilege to serve them.

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In our transformational training, we dug deep around what it means to show up real and authentic in our communication with our ideal clients. Why intimacy equals success. And the importance of healing our roots so we can share our truth.

Healing our roots is about having the courage to look at those wounds we are still holding on to from the past that makes us believe we are not enough. The stories about our worthiness that makes us worry about our future.

As Lightworkers, our roots needs to be strong so we can grow tall towards the light. So we can weather any storm.

Mother Earth is calling us back to her, to embody her energy so our roots can be nourished by love instead of fear.

It’s when we are connected to the Earth we feel held and supported. It’s when we are connected to our tribe of loving like-hearted people, that we feel held and supported.

And we need to feel held and supported if we are to speak our truth and shine our light.

Would you agree?

Our day ended with a 10 min Facebook Live frenzy, where everyone went live for the first time and allowed themselves to be seen as who they are: messengers of Love.


I am truly in awe of these courageous women, always ready to dig deep in order to serve higher.

I too ended up doing an impromptu, very much imperfect, but very real Facebook Live, at the end of the day. I talk about an important message about connecting with the Earth I received through a recent Shamanic journey and how healing our roots literally gives us wings!

[You can watch it here if you want ]

To me, inviting you to have conscious conversations, just like this one, that contribute to raising the vibe of this planet is one of the reasons I get out of bed every day.

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Now you know your information is in safe hands (if you didn’t know already!), I’m going to invite you to sit with some of the questions my Masterminders sat with last Friday, to support you in healing your roots so you can speak your truth:

  • What do you believe about what is possible for you?
  • What in your roots need healing so you can allow yourself to be seen as the true you?
  • What is holding you back from stepping out and speaking from your heart?

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With Love,