Hey beautiful,

Happy Weekend!

I’m in the car (husband driving!!) on my way to the World Angel Summit in Bristol and I am feeling such huge gratitude for the
Perfectionism Detox Challenge we have journeyed through in our Facebook community Time to Shine!

I have been absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the incredible engagement, willingness to dig deep and lean into sharp edges, shown by our community. The impact has been quite something. I know we will all shine brighter and be bolder as a result. I can feel it.

It is not too late to take part, lots of people will be catching up this weekend on the videos and the exercises, just hop over to the group and get stuck in! We can’t wait for you to have some big shifts too.

Here is why detoxifying from perfectionism is necessary:

If perfectionism is breathing down our neck, there is a story of shame that still owns us which prevents us from SHOWING UP FULLY and serve from a place of true presence and love. That shame-story tells us we are not enough. That story tells us that we should fear judgment, rejection and ridicule if we allow our light to shine and show our true selves, if we speak up and step out.

So it holds us back.

Holds us back from making a success of our heartled business
Holds us back from sharing our message
Holds us back from being in our joy
Holds us back from connecting with our creativity
Holds us back from serving higher
Holds us back from a life of aliveness….

Living a life full of aliveness is our purpose. That is when we are in our highest vibe that we can have our greatest impact.

Letting go of perfectionism is therefore ESSENTIAL for our heart-led business.

So, what did we do and what did we learn in our 5 day challenge?

DAY 1: We got clear on where our fear of rejection (judgment) holds us back in our heart-led business. We acknowledged where our need for perfection shows up and where it drives our decisions and behaviours.

DAY 2: We agreed that the way to heal our fear of rejection is to start seeing ourselves. We give to ourselves what others haven’t been able to in the past and we free ourselves! We let go of our need for approval, the need to be seen, because we see ourselves. When I see me, I am free. Autonomy in the truest sense!

DAY3: We were ready to take the pledge: “ I am imperfect and I am enough!”

DAY 4: We dug deep again, and acknowledged that if we are committed to ditching perfectionism, we have to ditch the idea that we are meant to be “gurus” in our work as coaches, wellbeing facilitators and healers. We are not meant to have all the answers, we are meant to be really good at asking questions, and helping people find answers for themselves! We also agreed that it is our life stories, our experience of trauma, loss, grief, depression, and overcoming those experiences that makes us perfect for the job.  When we own our stories we can share them powerfully with the world and  they can be of service to others on their healing journeys.

DAY 5: Detoxifying is all about cleansing our system so that we can show up from a new place of awareness, clarity and a higher vibe, and take actionfrom that place.  On Day 5, we asked ourselves the question: what is worth doing even if we might fail? Not what we would do if we knew we couldn’t fail (that would be saying “what would you do if you knew you were perfect”? which no human being is).  This question acknowledges that we are imperfect and enough, and that in love there are no guarantees. We are willing to take the risk for the adventure of being alive, of living our light.

We are leaping afraid, which I believe is an act of self love – as when we leap afraid, we are saying: “I’ve got you!”. I will catch you if you fall. I’ve got your back. I love you even if you fail, stumble on your words, I love you even if things don’t go as planned.

[You can read about when I leapt afraid together with Lisa Nichols, here]

And if you are TRULY committed to ditching perfectionism, owning your story and want to finally move forward with your heart-led business, then head over to the Wish Tree Academy to find out how our programmes can help you.

Leap afraid and just do it!! ;-)

With Love, always