Hello beautiful friend!

Over in our Loving Facebook community, Time to Shine! we are THUNDERING right now!

I don’t know about you, but there have been some pretty gigantic shifts happening lately, especially since the April Pink Moon.

Where we thought we had done ‘the work’, more keeps showing itself to us.

Where we have surrendered, we are called to surrender more.

Where we have let go, we are called to let go more.

Where we have been called to forgive, we are called to forgive more.

Mother Earth has been calling us home so we can lay down in her arms and be held. Held and supported. Embraced.

So all our resistance to the darkness can melt away in order for it to be healed.

So that we can be the Light.

And now, since Uranus has entered Taurus in its 84-year cycle, we have begun a phase of uprising.

Of rebellion.

Of thundering.

Of showing our true colours.

Of standing tall and strong in our truth as Lightworkers.

Of saying YES to our most JOYFUL Life.

Our most JOYFUL expression.

Anything and everything that does not serve our higher purpose will be let go of, washed away, burned to the ground, evaporated.

Wasting energy on dimming our light is no longer sustainable, and Mother Earth is done with it!

And so over in Time to Shine!, we are exploring what all of this means for us.

Means for us in our lives, means for us as heart-led businesses.

Right now, we are exploring to what extent we are dimming our light by PRETENDING and PERFORMING (PROVING).

In other words, we are coming clean about to what extent we are living from fear of not being loved and accepted for who we are. This pesky fear that leads us to hide our true selves or go on a mission to prove to the world that we are worthy of belonging.

Because you are reading these words, I know that some of this feels familiar to you.

I feel you.

Your pain is my pain.

For 34 years of my life, I lived from a place of internalised shame about not being wanted and therefore not worthy of love.

Amongst many other things, this shame led me to become a Master Chameleon, and also an achievement junkie.

I used to give the impression that things were different, better, in my life than they actually were. Just so that I wouldn’t inconvenience, just so that I would fit in, or so that I would avoid judgment.

I even used to carefully choose my outfits to make sure I’d blend in nicely wherever I went. I had a wardrobe full of costumes.

But I also used to push myself hard to achieve, achieve, achieve with the belief that by doing this, surely, I would make my father see me, want me, love me, as just ‘being me’ didn’t seem to do the trick.

Now I know that he wasn’t able to love me unconditionally or notice my light, because of his own childhood trauma of abandonment.

7 years ago this summer I said NO to proving my worth anymore.

Since then, I don’t need him to see me, because I see me.

And seeing me means I belong to me, as the ground-breaking researcher Brené Brown would say.

My life is MINE.

It runs on the knowledge that I am abundant just as I AM.

It is no longer fuelled by a constant striving to be loved. No longer a slave to feeding the hungry ghost of “not enough” deep inside.
This Ghost that is never, ever, satisfied, no matter how hard we try. No matter how many medals we receive.

And because I no longer run on fear, it means I can show up and I can manifest and create wonderful – incredible – things in my life, things that simply were not available to me, ever before.

Maybe you too know what it means to be on the hunt for love, on the run from your core wound of not being lovable as you are?

Because healing our internal dramas once and for all is fundamental to shining brighter and contributing to a more loving and peaceful world, we are dedicating some weeks in the Wish Tree Community to exploring to what extent we are belonging to ourselves.

So today, I’m inviting you to, first of all, get clear on where you pretend in your life:

Do you ever or did you ever…

PRETEND to be ok when you are not?

PRETEND you are into stuff you don’t like?

PRETEND you are not into stuff you like?

PRETEND you are less/more on a spiritual path than you are?

PRETEND that you know what others are talking about when you don’t?

PRETEND to be more educated/less educated/more wealthy/less wealthy/more successful/less successful than you really are?

 Say YES when you mean NO, NO when you mean YES?

If you haven’t yet joined the conscious conversation in Time to Shine!, head over now and get stuck in and share! It’s FREE and we are waiting for you.

With my Love, always