Hello dearest You,

How are you this week?

Thank you for being patient with me!

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about our 4 Essential Keys to a heart-led business!

No, in fact, I have just been very busy lately practising the first two keys, namely: FOCUS and GROUNDING.

If you missed my first Key, Focus, you can take a look here. In essence, I shared that in order to truly focus on what we want and take aligned action, we need to declutter our physical, mental and emotional space, which involves clearing out messy corners of our house, reviewing the relationships we have in our lives, as well as allowing ourselves to forgive ourselves and others. [If you want to join me in the negative mind chatter decluttering challenge Lisa Nichols has given me, take a look here in Time to Shine!]

My second Key was Grounding. I shared that once we have visioned what we want for our heart-led business, we must ground ourselves in it, which means committing to it once and for all, making our heart-led business a non-negotiable.

Until we do that, we are going to see half-hearted attempts and half-hearted results! And surely what we want is a FULL-hearted heart-led business?

Once we have committed fully, we need to apply what I named the here & now principle, which is about asking ourselves: what can I do today in order to move forward?

What we want is to take small but consistent action in the direction of our dreams. Every small action adds up to big milestones!

[To learn more about Grounding click here]

Today it’s time for our 3rd Essential Key to a Flourishing Heart-Driven Business: Gratitude.

Maybe you already know just how passionate I am about Gratitude and how I believe that the practise of ‘radical’ or ‘extreme’ gratitude shifts us from Scarcity to Abundance in an instant.

I started practising radical Gratitude with the support of my now husband, Rick, at the time of my mother dying. [If you haven’t yet heard the story, you can read it here]

And in the past few weeks, as I have been preparing to go deep into my stories with the help of Lisa Nichols, I have been feeling into the events of my life and getting curious about whether there was still any little part of me that was hanging onto victim mentality.

Any small amount of victim mentality keeps us stuck in some form of scarcity, and as I have made my Abundant Heart-driven business a non-negotiable, I am done with scarcity of any kind.

Perhaps you are too?

We can discover whether we hang on to scarcity by the way we write or tell our stories.

So since I last wrote to you, I have not only been working with Focusing [decluttering everything from things to my diary to negative mind chatter] and Grounding [committing and taking action here and now], I have also been practising Radical Gratitude.

Radical Gratitude is the perfect antidote to a victim mentality, and I am a huge fan!

I believe that the practise has enabled another level of healing inside of me, another level of stepping into my light.

I believe that I am in the process of evicting the last remnants of victim mentality in the name of my purpose, in the name of freedom, abundance, of being the love, in the name of shining brighter, of serving higher.

Being grateful for everything means I own my story. Fully and completely.

It means I AM FREE.


Through my Radical Gratitude I have learnt so much about my life and the people in it.

My heart has opened even further, and I feel the flow of love even more fully.

Because Gratitude is surrendering, accepting and receiving all at once.

I have learnt who my true teachers in Love are and I send them even more love now.

For example, I learnt that the little boy whose only wish was to be seen and loved who lived inside my father, was unable to be my dad when the time arrived because deep down he didn’t believe he was lovable himself.

I learnt that through my father’s abandonment, he taught me how to belong to myself first and to discover that on the other side of my fear of rejection lie my creativity, freedom and my Greatness.

The judgment of my unmarried mother and I meant I learnt how to journey through shame to find my own integrity, and to love those who judge more -including myself- as they need it the most.

Because I had little money growing up, l have learnt how to manifest it – all by myself.

I learnt that by my mother making her happiness rely on me, she taught me to say yes to my own joy first.

By never being enough in my father’s eyes, he taught me how to love myself first and fully own the energy that I bring.

I learnt that as my mother died, she birthed the strong, loving, courageous woman I am today.

As my unborn baby’s heartbeat stopped, I learnt that the role of a child is not to complete me – I am here to be a whole woman – all by myself. They taught me that I didn’t need to birth a healthy, living, child in this lifetime in order to learn what unconditional love is, as I AM it already.

I discovered that when my beloved friends and family members couldn’t face my sadness as they had unhealed sadness inside of themselves, I learnt that I needed to hold the space for my own grief first.

I learnt that the years of pleasing, perfecting, performing, proving, pretending, numbing, raging, rescuing, hustling, rushing, self-destructing, taught me to acknowledge the darkness in me and embrace it. I learnt to see my life as precious and that I am not here to justify my existence by worthy causes, but to know that I am worthy of living my true purpose being myself. Those years taught me to look after me first and listen within instead of without. They taught me stillness and appreciation for my body – the vehicle for my soul.

Through the dark lonely years of pain, grief, hiding and retreating I found my Light. I learnt how find my hum again, to hear my voice again, to uncover my rhythm, to discover me – and my true calling.

I learnt these things and many, many more.

It has been revealed to me that Gratitude is the miracle that re-shapes our story, that gives us the gift of our lives back, the wonder that ignites our power, that allows ALL of our lives to be magnificent. From start to finish!

I discovered that Gratitude is, in fact, Alchemy.

It is Abundant in nature and Abundance comes from LOVE.

I believe that Gratitude is so powerful that it may even make Forgiveness obsolete, as with Radical Gratitude there is nothing to forgive. All there is, is Love.

So after you take a deep breath to receive all of this,  I am going to invite you too to practise Radical Gratitude.

Practise Radical Gratitude by getting really curious about the parts of your story where you are STILL holding onto a victim mentality.

As you look at every part of it, every angle, through the lens of Radical Gratitude (e.g. LOVE), what are you learning?

How does your story change?

How do YOU change?

What are you healing?

Letting go of?

Without the old story, who can you now become?

Be in the world?

Do in the world?

Who or what don’t you need to fix or rescue anymore?

This exercise takes some courage, and then some!

If you feel called, share your experience of Radical Gratitude in Time to Shine! I recommend jjournaling breathing and self-compassion as companions for this exercise.

You are loved, held and supported on your path – always remember that!

With my Love & commitment to your journey,