Hello beautiful,

Whoooosh what a lot of shifting we have been embracing over the past months!

This week I’ve felt like it’s time to take a pause and take in the view, to reflect on the journey…

Maybe you’ve been feeling the same?

* We started 2018 by exploring Wish Tree’s 4 essential Keys for a flourishing heart-led business: Focus, GroundingRadical Gratitude and Movement

* In February we learnt that leaping afraid is an act of self-love. I shared my top key learnings from working closely with Lisa Nichols, and we began envisioning a New Earth together as I immersed myself in the Envision festival

* In March, and in honour of International Women’s Day, we began connecting with our womb spaces on a deeper level to embrace our Divine Feminine

* The April Pink Moon invited us to look at what needed to die in our lives at that time. We created Moon altars and called in what we wanted to embrace abundantly

* In April, and in honour of the Pink Moon, we also delved deep into the topic of the Divine Feminine and Financial Abundance

* In honour of Earth Day, we explored the state of our internal garden

* In May, Mother Earth was calling us home, loud and clear, and inviting us to know that WE ARE HER. When we embody this wisdom, we feel held, supported and can fly in our heart-led businesses!

* In June we began thundering! Wow! And we explored what belonging to ourselves truly means. “When I see me, I am free”

* In June we celebrated the Summer Solstice and asked to shine a light on all the fear-based behaviours that are holding us back in our heart-led business. The pleasing, perfecting, performing, pretending, all rooted in a belief that we are not enough.

* July welcomed our Perfectionism Detox Challenge. We embraced “Nothing to prove. No one to please”

* We learnt about and adopted Kyle Gray’s Process for Holding the Light


* We explored what it means to SHOW UP FULLY in our heart-led businesses, Embracing our Divine Worth


All this shifting means that we accepted the invitation to become miracle workers in our own lives. A miracle is a shift in perspective


So today I am inviting us to take a moment to take in the view and ask ourselves:

What miracles (new perspectives) have occurred in my life over the past months?

* What has manifested as a result?

* What do I feel most proud of that I have

– Let go of?

– Embraced?

When you have taken a moment to sit with these questions in stillness, silence, and solitude, hop over to our beautiful Time to Shine community and share.

Then: allow yourself to REST.

It’s time to integrate and process. Let the dust settle. Cells re-organise themselves. Awareness arranges itself into new perspectives and new wisdom. Stories shifting.

Honouring our need for rest, stillness and integration time means shining brighter!

The Paradigm of Separation that has controlled our every move for 3000 years, taught us to rush, push, prove, shut up and put up, ignore the messages of our bodies, the rhythms of our lives, our connection to Mother Earth, which means that  one of the most powerful acts of defiance of the Patriarchy is resting!


Resting is, in fact, the REVOLUTION.

So today, I am inviting you to embrace rest, stillness and rejuvenation, and enjoy the view.

I certainly will!!

With my Love, always

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You will find tons of free support around everything from letting go of rescuing, perfectionism and fear of rejection to embracing your Divine worth and financial abundance in your heart-led business