Hello Beautiful,

I hope you are doing well today.

This week, several of my clients have shared with me that the moment they said YES to shining their light more brightly, all kinds of chaos started to present itself in their lives, including flare-ups of aches and pains, people around them behaving strangely, break-ups and break-downs…

“Why is this happening?” , they ask me.

On Friday night I spent time with a Spiritual teacher who has studied the ancient Indian Sanskrit scriptures.

He said (smiling):

“When we invite the Peace, we invite the Mess”.

The Mess that we have suppressed and repressed for years, possibly, a lifetime (or longer).

The Light (Peace) invites us to be present with our Mess.

Being present with that which we have been on the run from.

Being present with that which we have numbed through addiction: anything and everything that takes us away from being present with ourselves – be it working too much, rushing, drinking, eating, not eating, pleasing, shopping, putting other people’s needs before our own, looking at screens, always being on the go…

The Light invites us to be present with our Mess because we didn’t (fully) learn the lessons we were to learn from it, and that’s why it keeps showing up in our lives in various forms.

It takes courage to sit with, process and finally come to own our story: being present enough to be with the drama that we’ve held on to for so long so we can turn our wounds into wisdom.

Most people never do.

Because being present with means we need to face ourselves.
All that stuff we wished we hadn’t done.
The stuff we wished we had.
The pain that others were not able to care for us or were living out their own dramas with us as just another protagonist, treating us as badly as they were once treated. The pain or loss and abuse and abandonment.

Yes. We will need to face all of it.
Because chances are that whatever drama we are holding onto is holding us back from shining our light.

There are no shortcuts. 

We simply cannot embrace our light without embracing our darkness. And the darkness includes not only grief but the anger, shame, rage and violence that lives inside of us too.

Stepping into our Light means saying yes to our darkness – to saying:

I hear you, I am listening.
I am no longer fearful of you.
I will recognise you for your true name: My Teacher 

I am ready to remember who I am,
and you will help me

With My Love,