As a guide to change makers wanting to create ripples of transformation through their service in the world, I sometimes get perplexed at the amount of resistance I encounter when I invite people to create a plan with tangible steps that will actually help them take action on their purpose and evoke the shifts they say they want.

Why the resistance, we may ask? Why don’t we welcome the very thing that is going to take us where we want to go?

Because creating a roadmap means we finally have no more excuses
To hide
To remain in the feeling of safety
To not take full responsibility

A plan means…

Doing the work
Allowing ourselves to be seen
Going deeper into our healing
Stepping up to lead

Saying yes to our creativity
Risking rejection and judgement

as we share ourselves and our creations with the world.

In short, a plan means vulnerability.

The path of saying yes to a heart-led service is not for the fainthearted.

And that’s why most people who say they want to create a thriving life and legacy – an impactful heart-led business – don’t.

The process of creating involves both yin and yang / moon and sun/ water and fire energies.

The energy of the moon is very dreamy, inward, seductive even.
This is where we can seek the comfort of silence and look longingly at the stars. It’s where we vision and imagine what our thriving life and legacy would look like, in an ideal world…

But the moon energy is also the energy of the night, a place where we can hide in the dark and not just rest, but go to sleep.

In order for our thriving life and legacy to come into the light of day we need to welcome the sun energy: 
the life-giving energy that shines a light on where we lack clarity, and where we are called to go next on our path.

The energy of the sun is what helps the seeds of our dreams to germinate and grow. It’s what sets things in motion and allows us to move step up and out.

But the truth is, that all too many of us have been burnt by the sun-energy.

Socialised in a wounded masculine system of ‘power-over’, means that we know all too well the pain of our sun-energy over-heating in our lives – burning us up and out, until nothing more is left. Leaving us feeling like a desert landscape with nothing more to give…

This means we are oftentimes scared of the sun-energy entering back into our lives.

And that’s also why we reject the invitation of a plan, because a plan most definitely includes the sun-energy.

Our fear is what has led us to hide out under the moon and kept us in an inward state of dreaming.

But dreaming is only part of what change makers do.

Change makers are here to create change.

And avoiding stepping into the light or not allowing our projects to see the light of day, is what is going to keep us all in the status quo.

It is the opposite of change making.

Opposite of walking our talk.

It is choosing safety over shining.

Comfort over courage.

I say no more.

I say the world is calling for your gifts, your passion, your skills , your story, your wisdom and your love.

I say it’s TIME TO CREATE A PLAN for your thriving life and legacy.

If you missed the session “Creating a plan for thriving” earlier this week, you can catch it on the

replay in our online community Time to Shine


With so much Love,

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