Hi there my friend,

I hope you’ve had a good start to your week.

I’ve been back in the UK for a few days now and am currently at my online Mentor Claire Jarrett’s house near Bristol, where we in her Mastermind are re-structuring our businesses, troubleshooting our strategies and learning new marketing tools over 2 days.

And at the same time, I can’t help but reflect on some of those golden nugget take-aways from the Evercoach Summit.

So today I wanted to share with you about some of what I learnt from Jason Goldberg (1990s rapper, playfulness – activist, transformational coach and best-selling author!) the other week.

Jason has written extensively about the topic of success from the inside-out (check out his book “Prison Break: Vanquish the Victim, Own Your Obstacles, and Lead Your Life”), and
he suggests that adopting and applying the principles of:


will transform the way we as coaches and wellbeing facilitators support people and how we experience that process, forever.

Jason Goldberg believes that SELF LEADERS will lean towards Consistency, Service, Mastery and Playfulness, whereas the PRISONER in us make us eventually come to a halt, push us over the edge, see us crawl up on the sofa and start spinning into a ‘the world-is-against me-I can’t do this –anymore’ moment, from which we may never recover.  Jason calls this F.E.C.E.S – our Foetal Entrepreneur Couch Syndrome!

Have you ever felt like this?

Because being stuck in PRISONER – mode prevents us from living our purpose to the full and making our greatest impact on the world.


Because the PRISONER is obsessed about things like “work ethic” – working for the sake of it rather than effectively and from a place of joy. Because the PRISONER is always concerned with what they “should” be doing, and what everyone else is doing, which leads to a gradual but effective amnesia about who we truly are and our natural gifts and talents.

The PRISONER focuses on Intensity in their work which leads to over-work and burning out, rather than Consistency (showing up, being present moment by moment).

The PRISONER is led by ego: obsessing over details, doing stuff just to look good and perfectionism, whereas the SELF LEADER is focused on doing their work from the heart, being of service, living from gratitude and not taking themselves too seriously.

The PRISONER lives from a sense of impatience and un-necessary stress and heaviness. They want instant gratification and seem unaware of that which the SELF LEADER knows very well; namely that Mastery takes time and that being of service is about embodying excellence over time.

Not taking herself seriously means that the SELF LEADER can afford to have fun, live in the spirit of enthusiasm and joy.

Jason shared that he believes that when we allow ourselves to surrender to being in service for the long – haul and having fun in the meantime, we can afford to experiment, afford to mess up, to start again, to be ourselves. And that in turn will enable us to be in the now with our clients and show up with presence and realness, with a curious mind, lightheartedness and compassion, without having all the answers.

So today I’m going to invite you to take a moment to consider:

To what extent might I be a PRISONER or a SELF LEADER right now in my life and work?

To what extent do I operate from a place of:
Mastery and

What’s holding me back?

In what ways could I shift towards being more of a SELF LEADER?

What can I do TODAY to start shifting?

Who can support me in making a shift?

Make some notes in your journal. Breathe and congratulate yourself.

With my love,

PS. Over the next week I will be sending you golden nuggets from my take-aways from the Evercoach Summit, so keep an eye out for my emails! xx