How’s your week going? This week I’m talking about serving from an overflowing cup.

(Before I get started, did you try out resting as the revolution, yet?! To find out what RESTING as the REVOLUTION is all about, click here)

Late on Monday night, I was on another amazing call with my WONDERFUL coach and mentor, Lisa Nichols.
Apart from the incredibly juicy content to do with running our heart-led businesses, Lisa reminded us of the importance of making sure we get our priorities right as coaches, healers, Lightworkers:

“Before I serve you, I am a mama and an auntie”, she declared. “My family used to always dance around my work – because my purpose IS my life – but I didn’t want them to dance…I needed to let them know that even when I am working, they matter more than anything else”,

she said as her nephew kissed her cheek and she put herself on mute on Zoom to ask what he needed, modelling beautifully what she wants for her clients.
Almost every time I speak to Lisa, she reminds me of the importance of serving from an OVERFLOWING CUP. Not a full cup. An OVERFLOWING cup.

In fact, from our saucer.
To her, and now to me, that means embracing abundance in ALL forms UNAPOLOGETICALLY so we can show up fully in our service.
I often speak to wellbeing facilitators who are exhausted, don’t make time for their own rest, put their clients’ needs before their own and drastically undercharge for their services.

Does this remind you of anyone?


There is nothing spiritual about sacrificing ourselves or putting our own needs last, even in subtle ways.

There is nothing spiritual in undercharging because we believe people won’t pay the value of our services.

There is nothing spiritual about rescuing people who are not ready to receive what we are here to give.
Serving from an overflowing cup, from our saucer, is an act of self-love. And self-love is the most spiritual thing we can be and do – right?


My other outstanding coach, Gabrielle Bernstein, puts it like this:

“Now in order to shine bright and go big, you’ve got to be able to pay your bills, and not just pay your bills, but have money to take care of yourself, nurture yourself, love yourself, feed your family, give back to the world, be abundant. Every penny that comes into our business replenishes our being. It replenishes our energy field.
If we don’t get that and we don’t own that, then we are not shining bright. We are not showing up. If we don’t fully accept that, then our clients won’t pay us. If we don’t fully own that, then people won’t show up”.

So today, in honour of serving from an overflowing cup, I’m inviting us to do a little reflection together:

* Take a moment to connect with your heart. Breathe.
Connect with your body. Reflect:

*In what ways are you serving from an overflowing cup? (serving from your SAUCER?)
* Make a list of all the ways that you NOURISH yourself, show yourself you love you, where you set healthy boundaries, where you ask for support, where you say NO in order to say YES to you, the ways in which you cherish your whole being

* In what ways is your cup not overflowing? What needs to change?
Notice any emotion that comes up.
Be with it. Journal.

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With my Love, always