Hello beautiful!

Today I wanted to send you a quick message to inspire you!

Not by telling you about what I am doing this weekend, but by what our soul-sisters in Time to Shine!Nicola Parish and Khairun Butt – are up to!

Nicola and Khairun are two of my wonderful Ideal Clients who recently graduated from my Signature Programme “The Workshop Blueprint”, where they have built the foundation for their heart-led business.

Built their foundation by getting 100% clear on their Life Purpose, Ideal Client, Impact, Stories and Message, and ALSO created their very own 1-day Signature Transformational Workshop which they are both launching this weekend!

I can’t contain my excitement (and pride!) for them.

Soulful, deep work is taking place this weekend.

There will be tears and laughter, community and connection.
Lives will be changed, anxiety lifted, pasts will be healed.
There will be release, relief and joy.

The world will have a little less fear and a little more love in it because of the powerful work of Nicola and Khairun this weekend.

Both workshops are centered around knowing that we are enough and loving ourselves more (which is also at the heart of all my own work).

I sometimes get the question – isn’t the wellbeing market saturated? Aren’t there enough coaches? Enough workshops about Love already?

The short answer is NO.

We live in a time where humanity has possibly never before in the history of our existence been more fearful, stressed out, lonely, medicated and numb.

That’s why I believe that us healers, lightworkers, therapists and coaches are waking up to our purpose en masse right now.

We are here for a reason at this time.

It makes no difference if we create hundreds of thousands or millions of Signature Transformational Workshops all about Love because they will ALL be different.

Together they create a movement of LOVE.

All different because each person will create something unique to them, their lessons and their story.

And remember that our ideal clients are perfect for us.
They choose us first and foremost for US, and secondly because of the topic we coach on or teach.

So this weekend, I am inviting you to send Nicola and Khairun some support, as they step into their Authentic Leadership, allow themselves to be seen and step up to live their purpose in a bigger way, contributing to the healing of the world.

Khairun’s workshop From Enough! To Enough – takes place today, on Saturday the 10th, and Nicola’s workshop
How to find your Greatest love- You! on Sunday the 11th. Both workshops are sold out!

We can’t wait to hear about their experience, can we?

Now you might read this and think: “Good for them, but that’s not available to me. I am not [insert your particular flavour of limiting belief]”

If your fear was triggered we know there is something here for you to sit with and get curious about.

Not that long ago, Nicola and Khairun, were wondering if there was more to their lives and their work, they knew deep inside they had more to give – but what, and how?

Even after we started working together in the Workshop Blueprint Programme, their gremlins were running riot at times.  I stayed focused on that beaming great big light inside each of them (that lives inside you too!) and kept reassuring them that this day, their BIG day of stepping out and up was just around the corner.

And it was. Because HERE IT IS. This very weekend.

Isn’t that quite something?

So, knowing that fear and gremlins are normal companions as we expand and step out (and by the way, they are not the ones creating your workshop, your Higher self is!), how would you like to have your very own Signature Transformational Workshop?

How would YOU like to launch or grow your heart-led business with a life-changing workshop contributing to the healing of the world?

Remember that not long ago, neither Nicola or Khairun knew what their workshops would be about, or how to put together a workshop of this calibre.

They were exactly where you are now.

So, what did they do to be where they are this weekend, delivering their magnificent work with a room full of ideal clients?

Firstly, they DECIDED. Decided to explore that calling inside of them, that voice that wouldn’t leave them alone. They decided to LISTEN.

And then, they TOOK ACTION. [If you missed my blog on Movement, click here]

They: 1. Watched my FREE webinar training on Signature Workshops and 2. Applied for the the Wish Tree Academy’s Workshop Blueprint programme.

This opportunity is available to you too.

All you have to do is decide! And take action.

Here is the link to the training.

And here is the link to apply to the programme.

Let’s remember to cheer Nicola and Khairun on this weekend – they have achieved something quite remarkable and magical.

And so can you.

With my Love & commitment to your heart-led journey,