Why detoxifying from perfectionism helps you leap afraid

If perfectionism is breathing down our neck, there is a story of shame that still owns us which prevents us from SHOWING UP FULLY and serve from a place of true presence and love. That shame-story tells us we are not enough. That story tells us that we should fear judgment, rejection, and ridicule if we allow our light to shine and show our true selves, if we speak up and step out. So it holds us back. Learn how detoxifying from perfectionism will help you leap afraid and get you moving forward in your heart-led business today. 

You are lost without You

When we are feeling stuck in our heart-led business, chances are that we need more information. But the information we need is not what we might think: business models, social media strategies or marketing funnels. Not first. That’s for laters. No, the information we need is much closer to home. Step away from the computer and look within. As Carl Jung said: “Our vision only becomes clear when we look inside our hearts”.

No clue where to start with your heart-led business?

Are you somebody who would love to get going with your heart-led business but feels overwhelmed with how to do it? Haven’t got a clue where to start? Or started, and then got overwhelmed? In this blog post, I share why it’s important to let go of first knowing “the how” of successfully creating, launching and growing our business first, so that our Big Why can be in the driver’s seat. I also share why “the how” is the easiest part in business.

I screamed: “I need support”!

Our breathtaking life starts with commitment. And it also starts with leaning into vulnerability, to being held rather than just helped. At some point, our heart-led business will ask of us to let go, surrender and step into a place of true support. Read my story.

Why Grounding is key to the success of your heart-led business in 2018

4 Essential Keys to flourish is what I am sharing this week. Grounding is an essential principle and practice for creating abundance in our lives. It helps us to clear unhelpful mindsets and it helps us focus on the here and now. In this post, I share my top tips for ensuring that our big vision doesn’t simply stay a vision, but gets manifested too! Grounding, by means of truly committing to our goals and working with what is present here and now, help us to travel from scarcity to abundance in record time by taking aligned action whatever our circumstances.

4 Essential Keys to a flourishing Heart-led business in 2018

Over the next week, I will be sharing with you my 4 Essential Keys to a flourishing Heart-led business in 2018. First out is FOCUS. Focus is all about decreasing distraction, turning down the noise, going within and decluttering. Not only in our physical environment, but in our hearts and minds too. Forgiveness is one of the greatest tools for a lighter and brighter mindset, more focus and more flow. When we forgive, we give ourselves the gift of abundance! 

Why I place Intimacy at the Heart of my Business

Hello my Beautiful Friend, As I’m sure you’ve already gathered, I’m doing a lot of reflecting right now on how I want to run Wish Tree moving forward, and what I want to be at the heart of my business. I recommend you do the same from time to time!...

Attract your Ideal Clients from the Inside-Out

Lately, lots of people have shared with me that they feel defeated and deflated by the fact that so many of the clients they work with are not fully committed to their own growth. They feel as though they are working harder than their clients on getting them the...

Why I invest in myself

Hello my friend, Hope you are having a good start to your week! The other day I shared with you that the moment we TRULY start creating our business from a place of LOVE rather than FEAR, everything changes. Because creating from Love means of course creating from a...

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