Why Radical Gratitude is Alchemy

I’m sharing my 3rd Essential Key to a flourishing Heart-led business! This key is my favourite as it is so transformational. Radical Gratitude gives us the gift of our lives as magnificent, whatever they looked like in the past. Radical Gratitude is even so powerful that it makes Forgiveness obsolete because we discover that there is only Love. Radical Gratitude is Alchemy and it propels us into a state of pure Abundance – in an instant. 

2017- how was it for you?

It’s been a roller-coaster of a year – right? So much to process and so why not reflect together? Take a moment to sit with a few powerful questions to help you leave 2017 behind and usher in the energy of your brand new year.

You are a Precious Gift

This year, you have given me so much. You are why I get up every every day and go to work. You are who I connect with heart to heart when I reach out and you 

say yes. I feel blessed beyond measure that you are part of my tribe. Thank you!

Why Gratitude is Key to Your Success

I attract Abundance, because I am Abundant   When things aren’t going our way, it is easy to feel as though we are a victim of our circumstances. We may start feeling as though WE are not enough because we don’t seem to have enough or do well enough. We start...

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