What is the state of your internal garden?

It’s Earth Day! Time to tune into, honour, listen to, give thanks to our home, our beautiful Mother Earth, Gaia. Today is about honouring that we are from her and that she is all we’ve got. Today is about healing our relationship with her. And as we do, we set into our Divine Feminine and the place of pure potentiality inside us. What is the state of your internal garden? Is it full of old dead leaves, fallen branches, and moss covering the fertile ground that lives inside you? Or have you prepared the ground well, so that you can sow the seeds of your abundant life with ease? 

10 Ways to Raise your Vibration and Shine your Light more brightly

A commitment to serving higher means paying attention to the energy we show up with! Our impact and success stand in direct proportion to the energetic vibration we decide to foster in ourselves. So, are you ready to shine brighter and step into abundance? 

Beyond Belief – what coaching is really about

Hello dear you! Over the past month, and even more rapidly over the past few days, I feel as though I’m surfing one great big wave of synchronicity. I have found myself being delivered to the right people, at precisely the right time so that I can either learn...

Attract your Ideal Clients from the Inside-Out

Lately, lots of people have shared with me that they feel defeated and deflated by the fact that so many of the clients they work with are not fully committed to their own growth. They feel as though they are working harder than their clients on getting them the...

Why Making Space for Creativity Matters

Creativity is an essential part of running a successful, purpose-driven business.

But in order to be creative we have to cultivate it, and make sure we have spaces in which to spend time being creative. This week my big question is: what roles does creativity play in your life? 

Are you clear on your Life Purpose?

Getting clear on Life Purpose is one of the smartest investments in yourself and your business that you can make. Not having a clear idea of your life purpose affects everything. Everything from your online profile to the content of your workshops, everything from your marketing and who your Ideal Client is. Once you have your Life Purpose Statement, everything else falls into place.



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