Will You Help Envision A New Earth?

As the weather is calling us to take a moment to stop, reflect and surrender, I am inviting you to envision what a new kind of living here on Earth could look like. A new paradigm of living in harmony with Gaia, our home, and with all living beings. Last weekend I had the privilege of experiencing what such a life and such a community could look and feel like as I attended the Envision festival in Costa Rica.

Why I invest in myself

Hello my friend, Hope you are having a good start to your week! The other day I shared with you that the moment we TRULY start creating our business from a place of LOVE rather than FEAR, everything changes. Because creating from Love means of course creating from a...

#resilience: Practising self-care

The most compassionate and empathetic people are the people who are well versed in their own darkness. Taking good care of ourselves makes it easier to be with our challenging emotions, and subsequently another’s. In this article you will find out what practising self-compassion is all about and how it can lead you to a greater sense of well-being.

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