How to hold the Light and anticipate Miracles

Are you finding it a challenge to navigate the emotional roller coaster that our journey of ascension can bring, the moment we say yes to our heart-led business? Do you anticipate a disaster instead of the best possible outcome? What if there was a way for you to hold the Light and show up lovingly for yourself through the shifts! What if it was possible for you to return to a higher vibe more quickly, and come to anticipate miracles in your heart-led business? Let’s practise Kyle Gray’s process for Holding the Light! 

Why detoxifying from perfectionism helps you leap afraid

If perfectionism is breathing down our neck, there is a story of shame that still owns us which prevents us from SHOWING UP FULLY and serve from a place of true presence and love. That shame-story tells us we are not enough. That story tells us that we should fear judgment, rejection, and ridicule if we allow our light to shine and show our true selves, if we speak up and step out. So it holds us back. Learn how detoxifying from perfectionism will help you leap afraid and get you moving forward in your heart-led business today. 

Why I invested $40K in Shining my Light Brightly

Shining brightly means practising the art of receiving. That can be easier said than done if we have grown up with a belief that our needs are not as important as other people’s needs, or we somehow believe that honouring our needs is selfish. The moment we say yes to our Light is the moment we must say yes to BIG SUPPORT. And Big support means big investment. 

Is life getting in the way?

This week is interesting. It’s interesting because it is full of contrasts. Life is in general full of contrasts, isn’t it? and that is part of what makes it interesting! Yet, the most common excuse to not moving forward, taking action, stepping up and...

What is it costing you to stay put?

Hi my friend! How has your week been so far? I’ll share with you how mine was: I’ve had lots of time off seeing loved ones! I’ve been on a flight and trains. I’ve also coached ideal clients, I’ve celebrated a 1- year anniversary of the...