The other day I wrote to you about action taking and being determined as part of creating our successful purpose-driven business, and that there are no shortcuts in business.
I shared that I believe that success in a purpose-driven business is the result of embracing all of our lives: our experiences, expertise, wisdom, learnings, inspiration, wounds, guidance, creativity, highs and lows and making it into a service that is truly ours.
On my journey I have also come to learn that for our purpose-driven business to come into fruition we have to embrace both the yin and the yang energies within us – equally.
The still, holding, reflecting part of us, as well as movement, focus and action-taking.
But what if taking action means making space to be?
In my last message, I shared with you that I have been taking action, consistently, in the last year to enable Wish Tree’s Academy to come into being for YOU.
Many of those actions have been about creating space for me to just BE, and BE with.
To be with: to process, embrace, let go of, receive; emotions, ideas, blockages, creativity, limiting beliefs, excitement, grief, celebration, new awareness, perspectives and wisdom.
Sometimes those moments have been in solitude, sometimes in communion with my teachers.
For some of us, making space to just be and to be with needs to be pencilled into our daily and weekly routine in order for it to take place. For others, it will come naturally.
Whoever we are, making space to be with is a practise, a life-giving skill that we can’t live without if we are to create and deliver our service sustainably and with integrity.
Outside of meditation, yoga and listening to Kundalini music, I like to take time to be within art galleries, nature, parks, swimming pools and cafés.
On a normal day of the week, in the middle of the day. Yes. You heard me.
Not on a weekend (although I love to do that too!), but on a normal Wednesday afternoon.

Some of my best and most aligned decisions, clarity and inspiration have come from these moments.
Taking time to be not only makes the journey of building our business full of joy and ease; it is, in fact, essential, if we want our journey to flow.
Being with is what it means to take action courageously in the midst of challenge.
Being with is saying yes to the core of us.
Being with is saying yes to inspiration and to truth.
And inspiration and truth is the stuff that purpose-driven businesses are made of.
So today I am going to invite you to ask yourself:
– What can I do to make (more) space to be, and be with?
– Who can I ask for support with care for loved ones (children, parents) or house chores so that I can take time for me?
– Where would I love to be when I take time to be with?
– When will it happen?

If you feel these words resonating inside your heart right now, then you know I’m speaking to you. 

With Love,