It blows me away. Every time. Even after 10 years.

The energy of connecting live with my ideal clients in a workshop setting is simply phenomenal. Few things can beat this for me. I leave feeling alive, grateful, on purpose and richer as a human being. Every time – without fail.

Yesterday’s immersive and multi-sensory Spring into Spring workshop was yet another example of just how much exploration and growth can happen in one single day when intention, story and reflection dance together to engage and provide a vessel for active learning.

8 courageous women choosing to explore their sharp edges and vision their greatest future. Yes, with me as their facilitator, but even more importantly – together.

The connection that is made when participants delve deep together exploring issues, emotions and blockages that they may not have shared with anyone before, has the potential to form lasting friendships and community. The sense of not only feeling seen, but held too, by a network of likeminded people. The awareness that I am not alone, of common humanity.

All of us long for our tribe; the people who are struggling with similar issues to us, the people who are longing for similar things to us, the people who are fed up about the same things as we are. We are all thirsty for connection. Real, meaningful, human connection.

I have spent most of my career as a consultant and learning researcher, and have witnessed the same phenomena over and over again in organisations; with staff teams, with boards of directors and in workshops spanning organisational hierarchies and teams.

We connect more easily – with our own truth and with others’ – when we get to step outside our busy lives and into a space where we feel safe enough to let our guard down, turn down the noise of our hectic minds, reflect deeply and get to be creative and playful. A space where we are invited to listen carefully to the whispers of our hearts and open up to the possibility of a better future, not only mine, but yours – our better future. Our healing. Our hope.

The learning environment provided by carefully planned, creative and nurturing workshops can enable truly lasting transformation, in particular if they are followed up by a coaching programme. Workshops work to support your coaching practise by offering a different and complementary kind of learning experience to coaching; a gateway to coaching; and expose you to new ideal clients.

It is my firm understanding that workshops is the most sustainable way I can serve my clients and grow my coaching practise.

Workshops push me, as a coach and as a human being, to step out of my comfort zone and to understand my clients on an even deeper and collective level. Workshops push me to take what I offer to new creative heights, to innovate and to expand my own personal growth and leadership even greater.

Workshops have the potential to provide a unique opportunity for your clients to evolve together using all their senses, drawing momentum from the energy of the group – the ripples of which can last months after your workshop has ended.

If you want to impact on more people, more effectively – then you simply must start offering workshops as part of your coaching practise. Period.

Workshops hold the potential to transform not only your clients, but the way you show up for them – forever.

And that, to me, is not only the power – but the magic – of workshops.

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