Time to Shine Movement

Beloved friend, we were made for these times.

Our communities are hurting.

As Lightworkers, we feel the impact of the division, scarcity, numbing behaviours, social & political unrest and climate change that humanity is facing right now.

More than ever, people across the globe are longing for belonging, real connection and to be seen and heard. There is a longing to return to Love.

At this time, Healers, Coaches, Wellbeing facilitators of all kinds feel called in our thousands to step out and up, hold space, share our gifts and be the change. To be Love. To be the Light.


I believe this is what we came for in this lifetime.
Our time is now.

Are you ready to respond to the call?

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same”


Time to Shine – Time to Heal

If we are to embody Love and be the Light, we must commit to our own healing and growth first.

And we must allow ourselves to be held and supported too.

We cannot give what we don’t have ourselves.

Time to Shine! is a global, online movement of Lightworkers who understand that in order to serve humanity higher, we need to dig deeper. If we are to face the darkness present in the world, we need to face our own darkness first. The extent to which we are able to be with another’s pain stands in direct proportion to how willing we are to be with our own. That’s when we take the journey from fear to Love in our own lives so that we can guide others to do the same.  That’s the only way we will all shine brighter.

Time to Shine! is a community where you are lovingly held and supported on your journey of saying yes to the light in you and in your own life.

It’s a space where you have access to free in-depth trainings, support and inspiration on your heart-led journey. It’s a powerful community of like-hearted souls who have your back.

Together we illuminate the whole world.

“What is a Movement of Love? It’s many people taking action, individually and as a community, in the name of Love”