In the past week or so, I’ve had some conversations with people who have told me that they have countless diplomas, degrees and certificates in all kinds of incredible therapies, modalities, theories and subjects – yet they are hustling for clients and struggling to make ends meet.
They feel as though their business is a problem to be solved -rather than one of the most exciting opportunities for living their purpose and serving humanity in a bigger way – and they are on the brink of sacking off their dream of a flourishing business.
Have you ever felt this way too?
The truth is, having a range of skills in different coaching styles or therapies does not make you brilliant at running your business. But then again, going to therapy-school is meant to teach you therapy skills, not business skills!
What’s more is that having lots of therapeutic skills doesn’t necessarily even make you a better coach or therapist if you still hold on to limiting beliefs around your own worthiness and the value that YOU bring (not your diplomas).
Chasing “good enough” through external validation is not the same as a love of learning, and is not the energy that will enable clients to connect with us.
Typically, Diploma – junkies tend to:
– Lead with their qualifications and skills rather than the outcomes they will enable
But isn’t it good to tell people I am qualified? some people ask. Of course! We must tell people they are in safe hands.
But we don’t LEAD with our qualifications. We lead with our purpose and values and outcomes we bring to the world through our work.

– Be unclear on who their ideal client is, which means they advertise and “speak” to everybody.
But my skills can help everybody! someone might object.
Well, even though the techniques we learnt as we completed our qualifications can help many different people with different problems, YOU are not meant to help everyone.
It is how you use the techniques (your Authentic style) with your specific purpose and with your ideal client that is going to determine if you are to evoke your greatest transformation – or not.

– Charge per hour or per session rather than have clearly defined packages and programmes

– Be unclear on their purpose and vision for their business beyond the skills they offer  

Sometimes, chasing another qualification is simply yet another way of chasing “enough” or “good enough”, of proving our worthiness. And when we are pre-occupied with hustling for our worthiness in this way, it’s very difficult to form a vision, let alone a strategy for our business.
The qualification can become a convenient distraction, an excuse for hiding, too.
Have you ever said to yourself
“I will launch my business once I…”
So, what if I told you that you could get ready to launch or up-level your business TODAY?
Without a single additional certificate?
Just as you are, RIGHT NOW.
Yes, you are enough – GOOD ENOUGH – just as you are. Today.
And from this place of knowing, instead of needing another qualification, you need what we ALL need in order to create a flourishing Coaching or Wellbeing business, namely:
– Clarity on your Purpose
– Clarity on your Ideal client
– Clarity on the impact your work is going to have on people (what they will think, feel and do as a RESULT of working with you)
– Clarity on your own moment – based stories of transformation which will help you create hope, connection and relationship with your ideal clients.

All put together forming the foundation for your abundant, purpose-driven business.
So, if you are fed up with being stuck in a cycle of “qualification –addiction”, fed up with the fogginess around what business model could work for you, and you FINALLY want to step out there and make a bigger difference doing what you feel called to do, it’s time for you to book in a Strategy call with me right this moment.
These calls are FREE but only open for people who are ready to move and finally take action.
Are you one of these people?

If you are, I can’t wait to connect with you.
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With My Love,