Hello my dear friend,

what a WEEK.

I can’t believe that it has only been 7 days since I last wrote to you!

My final day with Lisa and team was blessed and it was also looong, I fell into bed after midnight having been up at dawn! She invited us all to her beautiful home – every square foot created with intention – and held a Business Strategy workshop there with us, treating us to all kinds of wonderful things throughout the day.

A Valentine’s to remember!

She is certainly a huge role model when it comes to serving abundantly, gracefully and lovingly.

Processing the healing that took place after I leaped afraid, and experiencing the high vibration present in Lisa’s home, I was feeling my heart opening even more and had waves of feeling overwhelmed!

Lisa said: “Take some time out in my Garden Zen Den, Emily”

And I did.

Lisa’s Zen Den is a a gorgeous corner of her garden, with cushions, flowers and a beautiful view reaching all the way to the sea.

Annie, one of Lisa’s wonderful coaches came to hold space for me and once tears had flowed and I had voiced my truth, a beautiful hummingbird came right up to me visiting a blossoming pink flower.

I felt so grateful and blessed in that moment – yet another reminder that the Universe has my back!

I was exactly where I needed to be and I congratulated myself on allowing myself some time out – us highly sensitive, intuitive types need that at times, don’t we?

After lots of celebrations (including getting some moves on in Lisa’s mobile disco bus!!) the very next morning I was up at dawn to travel to Costa Rica via L.A and El Salvador! From San Jose – the capital of Costa Rica – I then took a bus, a ferry and another bus (very rickety) before being dropped off on the side of a dirt road with all my luggage.

I had finally arrived and fell fast asleep as soon as I found my bed!

It’s taken me a couple of days to get settled and rested. And set up for work! because my 6 weeks here in Costa Rica is not a holiday – it is a life style choice I have worked VERY hard and determinedly towards – for years.

It’s something I have visualised, and visualised and visualised. AND taken bold action towards: focused steps, every month, week and day.

In fact, the concept of powerful visualisation is how I first got to know about Lisa Nichols!

It works is all I can say. :-)

On Monday, my Mastermind students were asking me about my experience last week and so yesterday I decided to give you all a low-down on some of my Key take-aways from the experience.

No, not the strategies, theories and techniques of speaking, storytelling or running a successful business, but the energetic and mindset learnings that the experience gave me, and what I believe I truly came for!

If you missed it, take a look at the recording here

I share my 5 key learnings including:

1. Leaping afraid is an act of self love
2. High vibe tribe = rapid transformation
3. Receiving abundantly means I can give abundantly
4. Stay ready!
5. I AM a vessel

Watch the video here

Giant Hugs for now &
Pura Vida!