Hello my friend,

Hope you are having a good start to your week!

The other day I shared with you that the moment we TRULY start creating our business from a place of LOVE rather than FEAR, everything changes.

Because creating from Love means of course creating from a place of loving ourselves too.

And when we love ourselves we nurture ourselves and we invest in ourselves. And when we nurture ourselves and invest in ourselves we work with integrity. We feel great when we work and our clients get the best out of us.

It’s literally a win-win situation.

I speak to many people who have limiting beliefs around investing in themselves.

Even people who believe that others should invest in them as coaches/therapists/healers!

Somehow they feel they should be able to do everything on their own; keep up-to-date with the best coaching or therapy skills or know how to launch or grow their business sustainably, with only snippets of support from the outside.

As you read this, I am sure you notice that there isn’t any logic here.

The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

This is the truth: you are NOT meant to figure it all out by yourself. No. Not you, not me, not anyone!

I know I keep going on about this in my messages to you, but it’s one of THE most important truths I can give you.

We are meant to do this together. Yes.
Because we are all connected and if we truly believe this (as we do when we choose love instead of fear!) we will choose connection and support. Growth and expansion.

Here is how I invest in myself when I choose Love:

Ongoing support by a top, world-class mentor who helps me to grow my business and make a bigger difference

Ongoing support from a community of purpose-driven Soulful business owners through being part of a Mastermind and other groups

Making sure my mindset and emotional health is nurtured through investing in different types of coaching, therapies and healing practises on a monthly basis

Investing in professional development such as transformational events, online courses, conferences and books

Investing in my physical and emotional health by cooking natural foods and engaging in yoga, walking and swimming

Investing in my spiritual practise by creating space for inspiration, reflection, meditation and creative flow

Without making these investments I wouldn’t be writing these words to you now or have the skills, courage, integrity or clarity as I support you through the Wish Tree Academy.

What I have learnt over the years is that

Investing equals growth
Investing equals expansion
Investing equals making a bigger difference
Investing equals blossoming
Investing equals living my purpose to the full
Investing equals Abundance

As purpose-driven people wanting to run, or running purpose-driven businesses, investing in yourself means investing in your business. And investing in your business means investing in yourself. You ARE your business.

It is easy to think that people who invest in themselves are always the ones rolling in cash.

The truth is far from it.
(Although a happy side-effect of investing in yourself may mean that you end up rolling in cash!)

What distinguishes people who invest vs. people who don’t invest is instead mindset and sense of purpose.

The more determined and passionate we are to create from Love, the more willing we are to invest. We will find the money. We will ask a friend, the bank, take a part-time job, do a skills-swap. We get creative. We will do what it takes.

I see it time and time again with my clients and I see it in myself too.

So today I am inviting you to sit with the following questions:

To what extent are you allowing yourself to invest in yourself / your business?

What do you believe about investing in yourself?

What has been holding you back from investing in yourself?

In what ways would you like to invest in yourself to get yourself going on your path of living your truth and making a bigger difference?

How could you get creative to find the money to invest in yourself?

Enjoy your exploration. Make a note of what you discover and learn.

With my love,