Hi my friend,

How’s your week going so far?

Over the past few days, I’ve been talking to people (just like you!) who are telling me that they are READY to move forward and live their purpose, but that the big question of ‘HOW?!?” is getting in the way.

Us human beings are programmed by society to jump to the ‘how?’ as soon are we start to dream big.


Because asking the question ‘how?’ is our mind’s way of protecting us from getting hurt.

It’s our mind’s way of making sure we are in control. It’s our mind’s way of reigning us in so that we don’t fall hard into the depths of disappointment.

As many of us know, our minds are our greatest body guards and they have worked for us our whole lives to keep us safe from situations that feel particularly scary (read vulnerable!).

That means that as soon as our heart-led business starts to present us with territories that are unfamiliar, our minds kick in with cautions and demands to know exactly how something can be done.

The good news is that The How is actually the easy part in business. The How is made up of business know-how: models, systems and skills. And ALL of those can be learned!

If we don’t know how to do something – we can learn it – right?

The problem is that sometimes, the mind believes that we are meant to know The How by some kind of default, especially when it comes to business.

Every day I speak to people who have been dabbling in social media, funnels, workshops etc. without having any real sense of what they are doing, but somehow expecting of themselves that they should know all of this stuff! And when it doesn’t work out, not only do they beat themselves up dreadfully, but they may also be tempted to give up.

Have you ever felt like this?

What’s curious is that no-one expects to just ‘know’ how to be a nurse, a fine artist or a chemist! But somehow, we expect to just know how to run a heart-led business. (Don’t ask me why!)

The funny side aside, if all that’s missing is business knowledge, we are truly on to a winner.

Because if we have the passion of purpose flowing through our veins, have made our heart-led business a non-negotiable, and understand that we need focus as well as financial, mental, emotional, and spiritual investment in order to take off – then we have what it takes to be successful in our heart-led business.

This energy requires us to dream big, to allow ourselves to boldly lean into Our WHY and make it big and strong.

And for that to happen, we must be willing to let go of The How, at least temporarily.

ALWAYS START WITH YOUR WHY is one of my best business advice ever (tip: write it down!).

Your Why is what will fuel your long nights learning how to run a business and getting clear on your message and brand.

Your Why is what will pick you up when you are having a challenging day.

Your Why is also what will empower you to stand in a room full of people and speak from your heart. It’s what will enable you to create life-changing offers to the people you are meant to work with.

Your Why is the reason you were born. Your Joy. Your Life. Your Passion.

So, if there is even a tiny part of you who feels that Your Why is stirring right now as you are reading these words, I know you are ready to get on the road towards your breathtaking life.

With Love,